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Meeting started at: 20:03

Moderator: Claudia

Participants: Claudia, Florian, Frank, Irina, Jean-Yves, Pierre-Charles

Absent without notification: Marco, Micha

Absent with notification: Peter


  1. approval of last report: <br />in charge of approving this report: Pierre-Charles, Frank
  2. next moderator: Claudia
  3. pending applications: none
  4. Status report
    1. Contacting Linux Hotel for June 7th-8th GA (Frank)DONE, waiting for answer
    2. Creating a new category for BW forum 'BW Citizens' next week (Jean-Yves)DONE
    3. financial status (Jean-Yves)PENDING
    4. test affiliations (Amazon etc.) test.bewelcome.org/bw/affiliations(everybody)broken link, http://test.bewelcome.org/affiliations works
  5. GA
    1. define voting procedure for GA
    2. coordinators should be asked to write reports about their teams / tasks
      1. reports should include
        1. team members / fluctuation
        2. short definition of team tasks (can be used from last year)
        3. changes in routines / tools
        4. work done in the last year (since last GA) / statistics
        5. objectives for the future
      2. check out http://www.bevolunteer.org/wiki/2006-2007_annual_report#3.2._The_teams for more inspiration, but this time it should be more comprehensive, since more work has been done
      3. e-mail is to be sent out the Easter weekend
      4. coordinators could be approached as part of the close-contact-round with BoD and coordinators in addition to the mail
    3. annual BoD report: account of major developments, prcedures, BoD members, with a link to the BoD reports of the meetings
    4. financial report
  6. verification volunteers<br />At the moment there are two different suggestions, one that had been approved some time ago http://www.bevolunteer.org/wiki/Verification_and_verification_volunteers , the other that was the outcome of a workshop in Antwerp (people hadn't been aware of the existing suggestion) http://www.bevolunteer.org/wiki/Verification_Network_%28Proposal_2%29 <br /> How should we come to a decision? <br /> GA would be a good time to really start the verification one way or the other..
    1. there should be a discussion on the forum about the main difference only, which is 'snow-ball effect' versus 'more select group' of verification volunteers
  7. Be-X domains<br /> discussion in the BoD forum
  8. Other
    1. Malte had an idea about a two weeks' hitch-hikers' race through Europe
  9. Week Action plan
    1. deal with inactive BV members (Frank, Claudia, Pierre-Charles)
    2. financial status (Jean-Yves)
    3. test affiliations (Amazon etc.) http://test.bewelcome.org/affiliations (everybody)
    4. contact Philipp / Software Team about the donation bar (Frank)
    5. send out email to Coordinators about report for the GA (Frank)
    6. create wiki for the team reports (Pierre-Charles) http://www.bevolunteer.org/wiki/2007-2008_annual_report
    7. forum post about the Verification process (Irina)

Meeting ended at: 21:35

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