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Meeting started at: 20:02

Moderator: Claudia

Participants: Claudia, Frank, Hannu, Jean-Yves, Marco, Pierre-Charles

Absent without notification: Gerrit, Jonas

Absent with notification:


  • 1 approval of last report: yes
  • 2 next moderator: Claudia
  • 3 pending applications: approved: tiziano and wukk
  • 4 Status report
    • a) talk to Marco about moving wiki to main server or point hcvol.org to marco's serve (Hannu) (postponed)
    • b) check with lawyer contact: question of minors, disclaimers, data saving, statutes (Pierre-Charles: discussion is started, Diana has access to the forum and will work with us)
    • c) Working out access rights and background colours to individual forum categories (teams) only (Pierre-Charles: rights are working fine, colours will come later)
    • d) Writing a new Welcome email for BeVolunteer members (old one is in Wiki) (Frank...- will do so following week)
    • e) Set Google ads (Frank, Jean-Yves) (not fully accomplished yet)
    • f) Temporary bank account for Google ads management (Jean-Yves, via Cathy) (not fully accomplished yet)
    • g) Set up Flyspray (Hannu: FS is set, but there are no admins yet; see forum: )
    • h) Logos (postponed)
    • i) point on work on rewriting statutes (start: Future Statutes and Future Internal Rules)
  • 5 name of our structure. Final decision following poll result: BeVolunteer 7 : 2
  • 6 Final decision on taking out the HC related forums and wiki pages: should be moved to archive or deleted.
  • 7 organization of volunteers (BeVolunteer volunteers and BeWelcome volunteers
    • BeVolunteers: Frank is now in charge of the whole accepting process of BV members. The process is now centralized and well routined. All is described on the Secretariat page (end of the page)
    • BeWelcome members (waiting for opening of BW, any hospex volunteer) can apply to teams through an application on the Public forum. Process is explained there. Each team coordinator is responsible to check that forum to care about the applications there and transmit the right request to Frank, as explained there.
  • 8 team coordination
    • Everybody is invited to take teams over, organize them, and write the necessary content so volunteers can join them: both on wiki, on team forum and on corresponding public forum. The moderators will stick coordinators instructions posts.
    • Every Team coordinator has to care about 4 places/pages:
      • the public page "further information about xxx team"
      • the forum application forum, with task to present the teams, and then transmitting the applications to Frank
      • the internal team forum
      • the wiki team page
    • Team coordination should ideally be taken over by two people. That way we avoid problems if one is travelling or otherwise busy
    • Next week, we can make a first point on which teams miss what/who.
  • 9 Checking out and commenting on programming progress in TB and otherwise: status
  • 10 Week Action plan
    • a) Template for rejecting applicants for BV with invitation to join one of the BW teams (Frank)
    • b) contact applicant for programmers?Äô team (JY, Marco)
    • c) approving routine. for wukk and tiziano (Frank)
    • d) moving the wiki to the main server (Hannu and Marco)
    • e) Writing a new Welcome email for BeVolunteer members (old one is in Wiki) (Frank...)
    • f) Set Google ads (Frank, Jean-Yves)
    • g) Temporary bank account for Google ads management (Jean-Yves, via Cathy)
    • h) Fill in Team pages etc (everybody / team coordinators)
    • i) Change HCvol to BeVolunteer (public pages and mailing list Pierre-Charles, Forum: Frank )
    • j) activating TB forum (Marco+JY)

Meeting ended at: 21:05

Approved by (include 4 ~) Pietshah 19:58, 25 January 2007 (CET)