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Meeting started at: 20:20

Moderator: Claudia

Participants: Claudia, Florian, Frank, Jean-Yves, Marco, Micha, Peter

Absent without notification:

Absent with notification: Irina, Pierre-Charles,


  • 1 approval of last report: yes

in charge of approving this report: Florian, Micha

  • 2 next moderator: Claudia
  • 3 pending applications: jsacks approved
  • 4 Status report

1. finding an international bank with on-line banking for us (Jean-Yves)pending, but progressing

2. translate the Statutes in French (Pascal, Jean-Yves) DONE

3. set up routine for handling donations (communication etc) (Jean-Yves, Micha) pending

4. taking care of BoD page being public (Peter) (also merged to pages to only one) DONE

5. add 3 issues to the flyspray (Peter) : DONE

  • changing the name of the sender of the newsletter from "newsletter" to "BeWelcome"
  • checking why some people received it 4 times
  • apple computers didn't display links

6. work on flyers to be printed out (Florian, Giovanni, Micha) first drafts available, will soon be handed over to translation volunteers

7. prepare download platform (Micha + Thomas, Florian contacts them) DONE - Joomla as BeVolunteer platform www.bevolunteer.org/joomla pending

8. check if domain can be transferred to BV (Peter, Marco) after registration of new statutes (name change!)

9. make a poll about using Google Groups or Forum for BoD notifications (Frank) - BV joomla portal offers new and good ways of communication for BoD and BV members - needs to be checked as alternative to google lists. pending

10. Ads (Frank checks with MIVA, Peter checks UK bank account for organizations)

    • principal discussion: do we want ads? Do we focus on donations? ads and donations are the way to go for now...
    • as a temporary solution we will use Peter's bank account for MIVA

11. Moving BeVolunteer list to mailman (Frank and Chris) DONE

12. Tell Philipp to invite Morgan to join BeCreative (Florian) - we had a chat (morgan, thomas, kasper, florian...), it might be too early to invest time and energy into a new project, better to include this into our BW structure Kiwiflave 16:18, 16 August 2007 (CEST)DONE

  • 5 GPL policy
    • JeanYves suggested to release the BW code earlier than planned (releasing end of September)
    • decision to release BW code in stages and also announce in stages. final anouncement: end of September
  • 6 BeVolunteer community portal

Thomas and Philipp (also Micha?) implemented the joomla based community portal, it now needs to be tested and we need to decide if we want to use it and to what extent (it combines membership management, donations, all kinds of media and public communication and so on). Check www.bevolunteer.org/joomla. For questions Thomas is the principal contact person. Kiwiflave 16:18, 16 August 2007 (CEST)

  • 7 BW coordinators and BV

Do BW team coords need to be members of BV?

    • they are and should be encouraged to join BV but it is not a condition
    • technical problems with forum access rights (team application management) need to be solved (Marco)
  • 8 New skype chatroom for BW coordinators

We should make a chatroom for the BW team coordinators, this way they can discuss BW team inter-related things and come to conclusions (the BoD should not need to make so many decisions concerning the project BW) Kiwiflave 16:18, 16 August 2007 (CEST) Not deemed necessary at the moment. There should be an effort to reduce communication channels instead of creating new ones without need...

  • 9 Other
  • Week Action plan
    • send documents to sign to Frank in order to register changes (Jean-Yves)
    • renaming statutes / contact Hannu and/or Kaspar (Peter):
      • initial statutes
      • current statutes
      • potential old versions should be called 'Statutes 2007-2008' once we have a new 'Current Statutes' version
    • make a poll about using Google Groups or Forum for BoD notifications (Frank)
    • proceed on UK account etc. needed for MIVA ads (Peter, Frank)
    • check and approve this report (Florian, Micha)

Meeting ended at: 23:00

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