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Meeting started at: 15:15

Moderator: Claudia

Participants: Claudia (in Vitr?©), Frank (in Vitr?©), Jean-Yves (in Vitr?©), Pierre-Charles (in Vitr?©), Thomas (online)

Absent without notification: --

Absent with notification: --


  1. approval of last report: yes (P-C missing) <br />in charge of approving this report: Frank, Pierre-Charles
  2. next moderator: Claudia
  3. pending applications: none
  4. Status report
    1. real-life BoD meeting in Vitr?© on July 16th - Thomas couldn't make it because tickets were too expensive<br /> next real-life BoD meeting during the next Antwerp conference (hopefully), 18th 19th October;
    2. news item on BoD roles (Frank)pending, wiki page has already been up-dated: http://www.bevolunteer.org/wiki/Board_of_Directors_%28BoD%29
    3. transfer of the treasurer data to Thomas (Jean-Yves)pending
  5. procedures - continuation from previous week
    1. mailing list for informal exchange and discussions
    2. frequency of formal BoD meetings and possible cooperation with delegates from the BV membership
      1. once a month: formal, administrative meeting of the BoD; high priority to be present<br />every two weeks meetings with some BoD members + delegates / interested BV members; informal meeting could be a preparation for the formal meetings <br /> next formal meeting: 7th of August, 20:00 CET; - normally: every first Thursday of the month
      2. informal meetings volunteer caf?©: set-topic, inviting BV members / delegates; mailing-list to initiate an informal meeting, put delegates in CC, reply to all for further topics; next informal meeting: 31st July; inviting all the team coordinators <br />topics to be discussed: <br />- reorganization of BV forum <br />- task-based system vs. teams (still using coordinators as 'experts') <br />
    3. communication to the 'outside' / public: Blog http://www.bevolunteer.org/blog/
      1. means for transparency; public communication
      2. first impression / first encounter for interested volunteers
      3. condensing information, synthesis
      4. access rights: BoD members + interested BeVolunteer members
  6. Other
  7. Week Action plan
    1. Skype-meeting between Thomas and Pierre-Charles to agree on how to deal with treasurer issues
      1. defining and distributing tasks
      2. making regular donations from members easier
    2. Blog post on security team (Frank, Claudia - security team)
    3. preparation of volunteer caf?©, 31st July; inviting team coordinators (and others interested?)
      1. start forum post on team vs task structure (Thomas)
      2. invite team coordinators (Frank)
    4. cooperate with Anja on the statutes of national associations (Pierre-Charles) BV associations structure

Meeting ended at: 17:25

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