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Meeting started at 20:06 CET

Moderator : Frank

Participants : Frank, Jean-Yves, Pierre-Charles, Gerrit, Claudia, Jonas, Hannu, Marco

Absent : Matthias

  • 2. Status Report

a) Legal Status of scan/mail registration

PC read texts sent by JY and agrees that there is no problem with electronic/ email application. The only problem could be if there is doubt about the identity of the sender. But if we use the info from the database and the copy of the passport, there shouldn't be any problems.

Hannu says that asking for a copy of a passport is a huge legal problem. The others don't agree since we are not forcing anybody to become a member, and PC will check if it is a legal problem in France.

b) Discussion about how many member levels and the voting delay

General agreement on the use of 3 member levels :

  • the first three months after acceptation : "Friend" status with access to all the tools and the possibility to vote in polls (as long as it doesn't contradict their status);
  • the next 9 months they become active members with right to vote (except on articles 18+19 of the statutes);
  • after that (in total 12 months) they receive a full right to vote

The change from one level to another is always automatic but submitted to BoD veto.

c) Discussion about the need for a "real life meeting" as part of the application procedure

General agreement to drop the need for a real life meeting in the application procedure.

d) Decision-making in BoD : debate about the 2 polls created by Claudia

Gerrit suggests to give him one more week to come up with a proposal

e) Update server status

JY tells us he contacted two companies : server4you (he has no good feelings) and OVH (from 69?Ǩ/month up to 423?Ǩ/month). JY will check whether English is a problem with this last company. The server issue will be discussed again during the next meeting

  • 3. Determination of a date for a real-world-meeting

General agreement for the weekend of 17-19 November 2006. Location : Unitas room in Heidelberg. If this is not possible, then at Frank's place in Brussels. JY wants to invite guests (non-HCVol people) to discuss.

  • 4. Other points

a) current status of new layout project in HC

Agreement to talk to Micha to find out if HCVol can use his redesign work. First we need to discuss the legal aspects of the redesign, only then the technical.

b) road map

Agreement to wait some more.

  • 5. Domain name

Brainstorming about a new domain name. See the forum for suggestions.

  • 6. Weekly Action Points

a) PC/JY : please check the legal validity in France of asking a member to send a copy of his passport. Please also look into the possibility of adding a legal disclaimer at the end of the application form.

b) Claudia/PC : please update the application procedure and form. Take care not to "invite" potential new members but "inform" them. Everybody : please read the application procedure and form carefully so that we can finalize this at the next meeting and maybe even send the message out the same evening.

c) Gerrit : please give us a proposal how to make decisions (vote) in BoD.

d) JY : send a summary mail about server update.

Meeting ended at 00:28 CET