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Meeting started at: 20:10

Moderator: Claudia

Participants: Claudia, Florian, Frank, Irina, Jean-Yves,

Absent without notification: Micha, Peter, Pierre-Charles

Absent with notification: Marco


  • 1 approval of last report: Peter's approval is still missing

in charge of approving this report: Florian, Frank

  • 2 next moderator: Claudia
  • 3 pending applications: none
  • 4 Status report
    • last two weeks

due to lack of participants only one informal meeting took place

    • campaign
      • took place but on a small scale only
      • mistakes were made (according to Florian) in timing and coordination
      • mainly tech blogs and ezines were contacted according to Thomas
      • the campaign was a good test of our new Joomla system
      • translations (technical and organizational side) should be the next focus (Irina and Florian will start thread on the forum)
  • 5 Software Development team
    • exchange with Philipp has to be postponed, since he is not available tonight
    • short report from the team

We met the deadline for going public - yet we had to postpone the release of the next version for the BeWelcome site. Lets join forces to reach this next step in short time.

What's going on (according to Philipp, with additional info from Jean-Yves) - Jean-Yves and Felix are working on the database conversion needed for the merge with plattformPT - Felix and Hannu are fixing the login - Matthias is working on the css of the forum and other parts - Jared and others are working on Profile import - John and Jared are working on the mebersearch - geo system is very much advanced, John is doing a great job there - db conversion is done for test environment The next big focus after this release will be improving the forum. There are some small and easy things that could already be done in the remaining week or so and get online with this relese. The include: - improvement of tag display - seperation of tags by space - include links to forum rules

  • 6 OpenID

This is what Philipp writes:

Should we implement login by OpenID in parallel to normal login? The discussion is kind of stuck, it's not really possible to get new fact based arguments from either side. My general impression is a majority of contributors to this discussion are in favor while a minority puts up security concerns. For me the fundamental question would be: Are the security risks for our members higher than with the standard login we have right now? and even more importantly, Is the privacy of other members affected by the ones who use OpenID for login? These answers haven't been answered yet. It could be implemented rather quickly by a Volunteer who would not spend his time on something else and might be motivated by being able to implement it. I woduld like to ask the BoD to discuss how to proceed with this issue. Start a vote, drag other people to join the discussion, give me a stop, wait, go or whatever you feel suites best.

    • in general: consensus about developping OpenID
    • BoD would like to get more info about the security issue
      • Is it possible for members to disable the OpenID feature and thus 'be on the safe side'? Then the problem would be solved, right?
  • 7 Licensing of Trac content:

Philipp: The content on Trac, the developer pages, is freely available (for read/write) but lacks a license. I would suggest to license it using CC-BY-SA. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ No objections where raised in a discussion on the developers mailinglist (with only few contributions) over the last weeks. I asked again and will let you know if any objection will be raised before your meeting.''

The BoD decided to trust the view of the SD team.

  • 8 Profile import/export:

Philipp: There has been a lot of discussion on this over the last month but no final decision has been made. I would suggest to offer functionality to import profile data from other networks in parallel to export of the BW porfile as soon as both is implemented (and no resources are blocked by implementation)''

The BoD agrees with this proposition, but we there are still things to be checked out first, especially the legal implications.

Frank will contact the CS management and ask them how they feel about cooperation in this respect, then put the result on the forum to be discussed by everybody.

  • 9 creation of a communication team


unanimously approved.

  • 10 construction of 'new' BW forum and involving BW members

We got a suggestion to a) use BV forum and open it for externals for this issue or b) to create a new forum jsut for this issue, but similar to the BV forum.

The BoD agrees to use the BW-forum instead and try to make it more active and used.

  • 11 Other
  • Week Action plan
    • Invite Philipp and Valerie for the next informal meeting to exchange about communication issues (Florian)
    • Contact CS management about possible cooperation for profile import / export and especially about legal implications (Frank)
    • put reply on forum to be discussed (Frank)
    • communicate the decision to use the BW-forum for discussions about how to improve the BW forum (Frank)

Meeting ended at: 22:10

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