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Meeting started at: 20:08

Moderator: Claudia

Participants: Claudia, Frank, Hannu, Jean-Xves, Pierre-Charles

Absent without notification: Jonas

Absent with notification: Gerrit, Marco


  • 1 approval of last report: yes
  • 2 next moderator: Claudia
  • 3 pending applications: lupochen (Micha): accepted

Frank will take over Pierre-Charle's job of accepting members, checking applications etc...

  • 4 Status report
    • write page for other Hosp.ex communities (Frank) DONE
    • contact Stefan to find out about his commitment (Frank)DONE; Stefan definitely wants to participate very actively in the abuse team and would be willing to be coordinator of that team;
    • contact Gerrit to find out about his status (Claudia); DONE; Gerrit will write a mail to explain a few things, he says he still supports the idea;
    • talk to Marco about moving wiki to main server or point hcvol.org to marco's serve (Hannu); DONE /postponed
    • introduce yourself on the public forum if you can (Hannu) - DONE (missing: Gerrit and Jonas)
    • contact Florian about Logo (Claudia) DONE; Drafts will we posted on the forum; THANKS GIOVANNI!!!!!
    • work on rewriting statutes (Pierre-Charles, Claudia, Anja); Pierre-Charles started work here and has contacts to a lawyer we can consult;
    • register .mobi (Marco) DONE
    • update routine text BoD meeting moderation (Claudia)DONE
    • start a discussion on the forum about Non-HCVol volunteers (Frank) DONE
  • 5 name of our structure

see http://mytravelbook.org/hcvolboard/index.php?topic=330.0 BeVolunteer.org was liked by all BoD members present and also by everybody posting in the forum; Frank will set a poll whether to choose Bevolunteer or BeVolunteers: http://mytravelbook.org/hcvolboard/index.php?topic=365.0

  • 6 organization of volunteers (BeVolunteer volunteers and BeWelcome volunteers
    • discussion space: BeWelcome volunteers should get access to the category of the BeVolunteer Forum that affects their team, but not to the rest; BeVolunteer members will be able to read all and participate in all discussions. The team forum categories might be set off from the rest of the fourm with a different background colour.
    • documentation (access): Limits of Wiki still have to be tested there, if necessary, teams have to set up a seperate Wiki. Maybe working with a different background colour for the team areas of the Wiki would be good, but we have to check how to do this.
    • working space / tools depending on team; Forum moderators needn't be BeVolunteer members to get moderation tools for example.
  • 7 "loyalty" clause: The Welcome message for BeWelcome Volunteers (sent by forum admin, since he has to set rights) should say: I agree that as a volunteer for BeWelcome I will a) never abuse or disclose members' data to third parties (i.e. pass on email addresses or addresses that the members themselves have set invisible) b) not disclose sensitive routines to third (what is 'sensitive' depends on your team) c) parties respect the rules set for the teams of BeWelcome volunteers (i.e. respect democratic decisions even if you disagree) d) always act in a responsible and respectful way towards members and other volunteers
  • 8 googleAds (Frank)

The argumentation can be found there: http://mytravelbook.org/hcvolboard/index.php?topic=347.0. Since most voices were in favour of having ads (simply because there is no alternative at this stage), we don't need a poll. Frank will take care of everything needed for setting and managing the ads, Jean-Yves will put them on the test page so we can start experimenting with the layout.

  • 9 Checking out and commenting on programming progress in TB and otherwise: status
    • signup :95%
    • accepting : 50% (mainly the needmore process is missing)
    • checking : 20% (there is not yet any good filtering, I will document the how to do it)
    • comments : 90%
    • admincomment : 50%
    • rights : 95%
    • translation : 99%
    • forum : 0,75%
    • contactmember : 75% (missing draft managment; delete mail)
    • search : 10% (only quicksearch with text search, no filter)

Bugs and problems should be reported to Flyspray as soon as it is set up

  • 10 Week Action plan
    • a) next crowds meeting: 18th January, 21 CMT; send invitation to HCvol members (Claudia)
    • b) check with lawyer contact: questio of minors, disclaimers, statutes (Pierre-Charles)
    • c) Poll: BeVolunteer vs Be Volunteers (Frank)
    • d) Post logo Drafts on Forum (Jean-Yves)
    • e) Working out access rights and background colours to individual forum categories (teams) only (Pierre-Charles)
    • f) Work on presentation of Volunteer teams for the public Wiki (everybody)
    • g) Writing a new Welcom email for BeVolunteer members (old one is in Wiki) (whoever?Ķ.)
    • h) Set Google ads (Frank, Jean-Yves)
    • i) Temporary bank account for Google ads management (Jean-Yves, via Cathy)
    • j) Set up Flyspray (Hannu)

Meeting ended at: 23:47

Approved by Thorgal67 14:55, 12 January 2007 (CET) Approved by jeanyves 20:06, 18 January 2007 (CET)