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Meeting starts at: 20:00 CET (on time!)

Moderator: Pierre-Charles

Participants: Frank, Jean-Yves, Pierre-Charles, Gerrit, Claudia, Hannu

Absent: Marco, Jonas


  • next moderator: default
  • new members
  • applications: neo82, philipplange, lauraasia, zaubii, ieva (ieva), daydreamer1969

> All accepted

  1. Someone is named to prepare and propose, in the BoD forum, a more efficient way to treat

applications for membership. > Claudia and Pierre-Charles

  • Status report:
    • Pierre-Charles:
  • new homepage.
  • wiki rights in reading for all, Public homepage is protected for all (contact Pierre-Charles to suggest modifications), other public pages are protected from non-registered visitors. (private pages are not accessible to them, so of course they can't edit). Later all public pages will be blocked.
  • Public forum online
  • application form, precisions about passport copy requirement; snail mail address taken out
  • Approval of version of HCvol history.

> All accepted

  • FAQ: please everybody read it and contribute.

> Claudia will create an internal page "future public content"

  • talk about Heildeberg meeting

Action plan > Marco: please put online the agreed public content > Claudia & Pierre-CHarles: for next week proposal of improvement of acceptation of members > All: check public pages if not already done, contribute to the FAQ

Meeting ends at: 21:00 CET (on time!)