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Moderator: Pierre-Charles

Participants: Claudia, Frank, Jean-Yves, Gerrit, Matthias, Pierre-Charles

Absents: Hannu, Marco, Jonas

  • 1. Next moderator: Frank. Please create a new message in the agenda discussion, putting the points we postponed today and the ones which need to be treated.

Last report approved.

  • 2. Define the internal regulations document, especially the way to accept new HCvol members.

General agreement on the document of internal regulation. References to HC are taken out; the part about HC relationship will be treated in another document (beneficiary structure)

Application of new members: Discussion between the need or not to require paper application. This option is finally left away, considering that its "annoying side" could keep away lots of volunteers, and that it could be a discrimination regarding to countries for which it's hard to transmit a snail mail.

Agreement on the idea to realize an electronic application (including all the documents required - type scan/form/email) + a system to detect the motivation of the volunteer - proposition is a small text. More details of the process, and checking of legal validity is to present at next BoD meeting for agreement (to be done by Pierre-Charles and Jean-Yves).

  • 3. Agreement on how we invite the first group of volunteers and who is this group

When acceptation process will be validated (next week) :

  • "first wave": we write an email to all the HCvol forum members, proposing them to applicate to HCvol. After a one or two weeks delay, the ones who won't have started an application will have their rights on the wiki and the forum taken out (up to Marco to manage it in a smart way).
  • the application process will be published on the public wiki, but won't be promoted in a first time. So we keep some time to see how it can work with around 30 "non conflictuous people" as a first step.

In a while, we'll be able to open a "second wave", spreading in volunteer troups the word of HCvol or even sending official invitations.

Claudia puts on the table the ways to take decisions into the BoD (what kind of majority, and if for every topic the same). She will go deap in the topic and propose a poll about that on the forum.

4. Determination of a date for a real-world-meeting. postponed to a future meeting

5. Status report: have all actions been done as planned? JY gives us news next week about server. Claudia started the feedbacks/New-features work on the wiki. It would be good to set an "week action plan" at the end of every meeting, so it's clear and each week we can check how the things are going.

6. Tasks of all of us, as defined in the topic No changes so far... Gerrit's list stay the last version. All the actors have to start to organize their work and document it.

7. Domain name. Topic postponed to future discussions. Lots of suggestions of domain names forgetting totally "HC" origin but which could be better. Proposal of 2 steps:

  • first, staying close to HC name (keeping the words "hospitality club" - several disagree to keep club) in order to realize a "transfert" and don't make people afraid.
  • then, don't hesitating creating new energy with a better name for the project.

Note: let's not forget that for monthes, HCvol site will only be a demonstration site (don't know yet if it will be linked or not to HC database), which won't receive new applications!

Action Plan:

  • Frank: prepare next meeting
  • JY: checking whether an email or form can be a legal application, or else a scaned signed letter. See with PC
  • JY: see with Marco how we do with the server
  • PC: Update Internal Rules following to our statements
  • PC: prepare email for forum members
  • Claudia: majority proposal
  • all:
  • start the chosen task and document it/organize it
  • domain name reflection