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Meeting started at: 20:00

Moderator: Frank

Participants: Claudia, Hannu, Jean-Yves, Marco, Pierre-Charles

Absent without notification: Jonas, Gerrit

Absent with notification:


  • 1 approval of last report: yes
  • 2 next moderator: Claudia
  • 3 pending applications: none
  • 4 Status report
    • Cooperation with other sites: Kaspar Souren talked about the possibility to use part of the CS code, but this has to be confirmed. We are thinking of cooperation in other terms, e.g. about abuse issues. The idea of linking to CS profiles or even exporting them also has to be kept in mind;
    • contact pending applicants (Frank): Done, the email-exchange was sent to all members of BoD
    • contact CS people (Frank): " "
    • access to HCvol forum: Frank and Pierre-Charles (Done)
    • set up information page for other networks (Frank): will do it following weekend
    • register BeWelcome.mobi (Marco): Done (after BoD meeting)
    • introduce yourself on public forum: all BoD members apart from Jonas and Gerrit did
    • modify the public page (new domain name):
      • Partly done, also put up news (PC);
      • still to be done: further modification after new name for HCvol has been chosen;
      • still to be done: presentation of BeWelcome on Wiki
    • Logo for BeWelcome: no news yet, Florian will contact a graphic designer about it;
  • 5 Statutes
    • constitution of a team to work on rewriting the statutes and other legal documents: Pierre-Charles and Claudia will start with it, Anja will join in later or help with tricky / legal questions
    • agreement on core points:
      • no more references to HC except in history/about us
      • reference to "hospex networks" in conditions to be a member of HCvol, later only BeWelcome;
      • which work is to be granted, as discussed on http://mytravelbook.org/hcvolboard/index.php?topic=332.0
    • Points that have been brainstormed about: (further discussion will take place in the forum)
      • Volunteers (esp. those who are not member of HCvol but want to work for BeWelcome) should sign some kind of Non-disclosure-agreement (to be discussed)
      • Hcvol members cannot be administrators or key volunteers in other HospEx networks
    • Work space: [http://mytravelbook.org/hcvolwiki/index.php?title




  • 6 name of our structure

see http://mytravelbook.org/hcvolboard/index.php?topic=330.0 BeVolunteer.org was liked by all BoD members present; We will keep the discussion going and set a poll next week.

  • 7 Checking out and commenting on programming progress in TB and otherwise:
    • Peter and Jenseb volunteered for programming layout for other pages
  • 8 BoD meetings moderation
    • Reminder: http://mytravelbook.org/hcvolboard/index.php?topic=294.0

Permanent moderator: Claudia; Substitute chosen for each meeting she is not available;

    • the BoD meeting report on the wiki has to be approved by at least two BoD members (other than the moderator of the respective meeting) to be valid (shown in the Wiki)
  • 9 info
    • Pierre-Charles is trying to see with Anja how to activate a legal team. Our problem will be a lack of a lawyer in France where both the NGO is registered and the server located. Anja will have more time in February but dislikes Forum discussions and even more Wikis; She will help with concrete questions and check the validity of disclaimers;
  • Week Action plan
    • write page for other Hosp.ex communities (Frank)
    • think about new name for HCVol on the forum (Everybody)
    • contact Stefan to find out about his commitment (Frank)
    • contact Gerrit to find out about his status (Claudia)
    • talk to Marco about moving wiki to main server or point hcvol.org to marco's serve (Hannu)
    • think about a "loyalty" clause (Everybody)
    • introduce yourself on the public forum if you can (Hannu) - DONE
    • contact Florian about Logo (Claudia) DONE
    • work on rewriting statutes (Pierre-Charles, Claudia, Anja)
    • register .mobi (Marco) DONE
    • feedback on googleAds (Frank)
    • contact Marco (about lay-out) (Jean-Yves)
    • update routine text BoD meeting moderation (Claudia)DONE
    • start a discussion on the forum about Non-HCVol volunteers (Frank) DONE

Meeting ended at: 23:09

Approved by Hannu Kr??ger