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Meeting started at: CANCELLED due to insufficient participants

Moderator: Frank


Absent without notification:

Absent with notification: Irina, PC


  • 1 approval of last report:

in charge of approving this report:

  • 2 next moderator:
  • 3 pending applications: see forum
  • 4 Status report
    • finding an international bank with online banking for us (Jean-Yves)pending

Would it make sense to choose a bank which focuses on NGO's or has a special dedication towards "fair banking?" At least in Germany there are some banks like this. Kiwiflave 13:53, 26 July 2007 (CEST)

    • translate the Statutes in French (Pascal, Jean-Yves)
    • set up routine for handling donations (communication etc) (Jean-Yves, Micha)

Solution is now proposed and ready to be implemented by the programmers: http://www.bevolunteer.org/forum/index.php?topic=1049.0

    • taking care of BoD page being public (Peter)
    • add 3 issues to the flyspray (Peter) :
  • changing the name of the sender of the newsletter from "newsletter" to "BeWelcome"
  • checking why some people received it 4 times
  • apple computers didn't display links
    • work on flyers to be printed out (Florian, Giovanni, Micha)
    • prepare download platform (Micha + Thomas, Florian contacts them)
    • check if domain can be transferred to BV (Peter, Marco)

Domain should now be transferred to BV as organisation. All the domains should be owned and managed by the organisation, not by private persons.

    • make a poll about using Google Groups or Forum for BoD notifications (Frank)
    • 5 Ads

Frank will update the situation with Miva, Peter checks UK bank account for organizations

    • 6 Moving BeVolunteer list to mailman

status update (Frank)

    • 7 Communication of BoD

Marco will explain his points here

    • 8 OpenID development and opencs commitment

See Philipp's mail to the BoD (in OTRS)

  • Week Action plan

Meeting ended at:

[[User:tgoorden|tgoorden]] - Wed, 25 Nov 09 14:14:39 +0000

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