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Meeting starts at: 20:34 CET

Moderator: Gerrit

Participants: Pierre-Charles, Jean-Yves, Marco, Gerrit

Absent: Jonas, Hannu, Frank, Claudia


  • next moderator: default mod (Gerrit)
  • Status report:
    • Marco has updated forum and wiki software, new forum moderators (Pierre and Gerrit) can start their work
  • communication towards new members: problem is that current pages presenting HCvol are outdated and non-HCvol members cannot get information in our HCvol-forum
    • updating public HCvol pages: Pierre is set as responsible for the content of the public HCvol pages in the future. Question about which technique to use (wiki page or self-made HTML) is left to him.
    • opening a public forum: agreement to use public forum category created by Marco in order to communicate with volunteers interested in HCvol, answer their questions etc., this category shall be linked from the HCvol home page
  • give write rights on wiki to all HCvol members: agreement
  • majority proposal http://mytravelbook.org/hcvolboard/index.php?topic=164.0: BoD proposes the following majorities for decisions:

1.) Standard majority in GA and BoD is absolute majority of decision-making votes of present+represented members allowed to vote. In case of a stalemate the Executive Delegate makes the decision.
2.) decision about membership (accept and exclude members): 2/3 of all votes of present+represented members allowed to vote
3.) Elections are done by secret votes. They can be done openly in case of an unambiguous decision to do so.

  • setting up concrete teams and their tools. Proposal to be discussed:
    • make team descriptions in wiki according to Hannu's and JY's suggestions http://mytravelbook.org/hcvolboard/index.php?topic=112.0
    • structure teams by HCvol org, openHC project and HC project: agreement, Gerrit will make a start for it
    • assign each team a wiki area and a forum cat, the HCvol and openHC-teams also a Flyspray cat and a mailing list
  • new members applications: neo82, gregoire, miicoo, anja, philipplange, flyter, maplefanta:
  • accepted: gregoire, miicoo, anja, flyter, maplefanta

- decision postponed to next meeting due to lack of information: neo82
- acceptation not decided today: philipplange
suggestion to collect information about applicants in forum during the week before the decision making in order to be able to decide better and faster during the meetings

  • Action plan
    • HomePage proposal: Pierre
    • Reorganizing and setting up new teams: Gerrit
    • Proposal for new DB structure: JY
    • welcome new members: Pierre + Gerrit
  • meeting ends at 00:06