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Meeting started at: 20:10

Participants: Claudia, Frank, Irina, Pierre-Charles, Valerie


  • 1 routines for presentation and approval
    • clear routines are needed about how to request a new tool, if one team comes to the conclusion that they need a certain tool and what it should look like, but another team has to actually work on this tool
    • suggestion:
      • team A has come to a conclusion about a new tool after a discussion
      • team A puts a detailed presentation of the tool (what should it look like, what are the reasons for this etc.) in a place to be defined (Main Site Blog?)
      • team A adds a link to the discussion (if it was on the forum...)
      • team A informs the SD team coordinator about this presentation / request
      • SD members check out the presentation, have time to express technical problems
      • What if at this stage other doubts or problems come up? - where can they be expressed, should they be discussed, who makes final decision?
      • different colours or symbols etc could be used to indicate different levels a request is in: presentation stage, technically approved, work in process etc...
  • 2 What should be open and to what extent

wiki page should summarize the positions, privacy vs openness

Please have a look at Transparency - I already added some thoughts there!

Meeting ended at: