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Please note that due to lack of participation this will not be considered a valid and formal BoD meeting unless at least one more BoD member, who was not present for the meeting, read the skype conversation and this report and approves underneath the report by putting 4 ~

Meeting started at: 20:07

Moderator: Claudia

Participants: Claudia, Frank, Jean-Yves, Pierre-Charles

Absent without notification: Florian, Irina, Marco, Micha, Peter

Absent with notification: -


  1. approval of last report: yes <br />in charge of approving this report: Frank, Pierre-Charles
  2. next moderator: Claudia
  3. pending applications: see forum
  4. Status report
    1. send out email to Coordinators about report for the GA (Frank)DONE
    2. confirm Linux Hotel in Essen (Frank)DONE
    3. put the GA voting proposition on the forum with a poll (Frank)Pending
  5. GA
    1. location
      1. Linux Hotel for the GA
      2. Unperfekthaus for the party - there will be a concert at the same time, but this should only add to the value ;)
      3. participants' contribution (GA, not party)
        1. every participant will pay for his room + breakfast + forfeit for drinks
        2. people can sleep on the floor for free (but still have to pay for food and drinks)
    2. Online preparation
      1. agenda for the GA
      2. reports from the teams
      3. financial report
      4. annual report from the BoD
    3. voting<br /> please note that this topic is extremely delicate, since we want to allow all members to participate, but also need to make sure that the voting process will be secret and not open to manipulation<br /><br /> From the Rules and Regulations<br />The Board of Directors (BoD) has a minimum of three seats, and a maximum of 12 seats. Both numbers include the seats of the three delegates. The number of seats are equal to the number of elected candidates for the board, unless there are fewer than three or more than 12 elected. <br /> For a candidate to be elected to the Board of Directors (BoD), he has to have votes from at least 10% of the members at the general assembly who are allowed to vote for the board.<br />
      1. we will allow online voting (forum) as well as representation by somebody present in order to give a maximum of people the possibility to participate and vote
      2. online votes will be invisible till the end of the voting period
      3. everybody, also people present at the GA will be asked to vote on the forum, only delegate votes will be added manually
      4. we should try to keep the number of delegate votes minimal
      5. there will be one poll with all the candidates, people will have a maximum of 12 votes (6 if there are only 6 candidates)
      6. members who have delegated their vote will be reminded not to vote online
  6. Berlin Beach Camp
    1. there should be a workshop organized by some of us (e.g. Frank / Claudia) topic: Hospex: how to overcome social differences
  7. Other
  8. Week Action plan
    1. Move the verification process thread http://www.bevolunteer.org/forum/index.php?topic=1487.0 to new features and add a poll (Pierre-Charles)
    2. BoD annual report (Claudia)

Meeting ended at: 22:10

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Approved by (include ) Pietshah 20:47, 1 May 2008 (UTC) Thorgal67 20:57, 1 May 2008 (UTC)

--MarcoP 12:44, 2 May 2008 (UTC) Lupochen 16:11, 2 May 2008 (UTC) Irinka 16:08, 4 May 2008 (UTC)