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Meeting started at: 20:50

Moderator: Claudia

Participants: Claudia, Frank, Jean-Yves, Marco

Absent without notification: Gerrit, Jonas

Absent with notification: Pierre-Charles


  • 1 approval of last report: yes
  • 2 next moderator: Claudia
  • 3 pending applications: Hans Woppmann, approved
  • 4 Status report
    • a) Template for rejecting applicants for BV with invitation to join one of the BW teams (Frank) DONE: http://www.bevolunteer.org/wiki/index.php/Rejection_message; Jean-Yves will propose more positive wording in some sentences.
    • b) Writing a new Welcome email for BeVolunteer members (old one is in Wiki) (Frank) http://www.bevolunteer.org/wiki/index.php/Welcoming_message (not finished yet, too many HC and Veit references, too bitter still)
    • c)OTRS group for BoD (Claudia)DONE
    • d) temporary solution for Google ads (Frank, Jean-Yves)not finished yet, but Index page that Pierre-Charles proposed will be used.
    • e) work on statutes (Pierre-Charles, Claudia) no progress
  • 5 first GA

Place and date should be finalized in the coming weeks. Set-up is being discussed http://mytravelbook.org/hcvolboard/index.php?topic=431.0

  • 6 cooperation with other HospEx networks: loose contact with individual members... other than that: public forum;
  • 7 Checking out and commenting on programming progress in TB and otherwise: TB forum is on BeWelcome now. Design has to be modfied and the forum still needs to be more user-friendly but we can already think of a good 'default' structure of the forum. The geo lists have to be united. Maurizio is working on Geo page, Francis on Geo data. Malte (wukk) is working on layout of comment page.
  • 8 other : none
  • 9 Week Action plan
    • give Hans Woppmann access rights (Frank)(DONE)
    • prepare point financial strategy and statement for next BoD (Marco)
    • finalize discussions on first GA (everybody)
    • Beta phase for BeWelcome this weekend

Meeting ended at: 23:45

Approved by (include 4 ~) Pietshah 01:57, 2 February 2007 (CET) Thorgal67 20:32, 8 February 2007 (CET)