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Bangkok is the main town of arrival. It's a huge town that never sleeps with a lot of things to see, shrines or gardens, several market places like the Chatuchak week-end market where you can buy almost anything or the colorful Chinese market near the Chao Praya River. Chiang Mai, in the north, is quite a cooler place from where you can take tours to Laos or in the jungle, meet the hilltribes or simply enjoy local life.

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Thaï people are gentle, tolerant, welcoming and polite. Thus travelling to Thaïland is safe and pleasant. They will usually not try to abuse you, nor steel or harass. Female travellers can go there alone at no risk ; vegetarism is understood and usual amongst this Buddhist people. Gay people are welcome and never looked down. But you have to be be yourself gentle and polite ; do not show anger or impatience and everything will be okay. Respect their modesty (no nudity on beaches, sorry), and never criticise religion, nor the King or royal family : this is a crime in this traditionnal kingdom. And never be caught using drugs : this could lead you to jail, they're strict about this ; Thaï jails have the reputation of being harsh, and your foreigner status will not protect you further than from death sentence.

Eat and Drink

There are many things to eat in Thaïland. Dishes usually come in small and cheap portions that you can find almost everywhere even late in the night. It is usual to eat many times a day, hence the small size of portions. Food is varied, delicious though sometimes quite spicy ! Thaï people know that foreigners sometimes dislike that, so you can ask for "maï pet" (not spicy) or "pet nit noï" (a little spicy). There are drinks too, soft drinks are widely available, as is of course tea. Coffee is often of the instant type, but in the North you can have "kaffae tung", chinese style coffee, quite strong. There are also sometimes indian style drinks like the lassi, and soya bean drink, grass jelly drinks,and so on, available in the "seven eleven" drugstores. Alcohol is also widely available, be it western brand whiskies, gin, etc, or the local MaeKong whisky, to use at your own risk, or Chang or Singha beers ; alcoholic beverages can be found everywhere without limitations, and being drunk is not a problem provided you keep in control of yourself.


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