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Vorarlberg is the most western region of Austria. It's situatet in the beautiful alps at the lake constance, bordering southern Germany, Switzerland an Liechtenstein. Having a strong economy the standard of living is very high. The majority of the 378'000 people live in the Rhine Valley. The biggest city is Dornbirn (app. 50'000 people) and the capital is Bregenz (app. 28'000 people). In summer you can swim in the lake constance or one of the rivers or baths. Vorarlberg is also perfect for road cycling, mountain biking, climbing, hiking, canyoning, parachuting, paragliding, sailing and many other sports. There are also local specialities, like Kässpätzle, Riebl, cheese from the mountains, local beers and various local booze (cherry, apricot, pear, ...).