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About me

Travelling monkey. Part-Time Eskimo. Sometime Astronaut. Boat inhabitant. Fighter pilot. Flying Indian buddy.Sometime a deadly Ninja girl.Anything goes...

Sooo... Anyone & Everyone,You're all welcome!

Spoken languages

  • Turkish Mother Tongue
  • English Intermediate

My interests


Music, Elvis-my guitar, Chocolate, Sunrise-down time, Smell of the rain, Moon,Sky, Nature, Travelling, Languages, New friends& Cultures, Dreaming, Books, Gym , Literature, Scottish Accent, Movies, Trying different cuisines, Tourists I hunt on the streets to chat :p, Chess, Postcards, Animals, and much more...


Books I read almost every night -
so much that I can't name my favourite.


Anything tastes good from classical to the metal.Depends on the mood and I'm fond of Finnish music like Him - Potf and Apocalyptica.


Being a film buff I have seen hundreds.
I just luv watching movies, Who doesn't??

Travel experiences

Past trips:

All around Turkey.

Planned trips:

A world tour on my own after my studies finish.
So add me on ur contact list if you ask a visit from me.*Knock knock*

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One of my favourite cities :D



The city of my early memories of summer times, mostly every each year, good times..



Just love brainstormy

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Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

As long as you like my company

I Live With:

My dad and two brothers.

Please bring:

some good energy and ur interesting road stories.

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour, A dinner.

Hot Shower - Laundry - Use of Kitchen - Couch for sleeping- Free Internet Service etc...Cause there is no place like home.So feel urself u have one in Erzurum.

I can offer my hosts:

Any information about Turkey, any info about İslam or anything you like to chat except politics.I don't like talking about it Or teaching/practising ur Turkish.

Public transport:

Bus-Taxi or train for far aways or my little bro's car if he is available.

House Rules:
No smoking, No alcohol, No drugs.

No smoking in the house, but you can always use the balcony.And no pets or partying please- not for that I disagree.Just because of the neighbours I have here.