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yoganomad YogaNomad Hector Nuñez

About me

I've travelled my fair share, and I look forward to do it again in the near future.
I am passionate about exchanging ideas and about sharing the fascination that grows in me for the unique, complex and slippery phenomenon that is the human mind.

OM!!! ॐ

Spoken languages

  • Spanish Mother Tongue
  • English Expert
  • French Intermediate
  • Portuguese Intermediate

My interests


I like cooking (I'm not passionate about it, but I'm a pretty good baker).
Most of all I'm fascinated by the human mind; hence my studies in yoga and psychology, which are almost always in a non-stop work in progress.


Yoga books and short stories (Asimov, Bradbury, zen and indian stories, etc)


I enjoy listening almost every kind of music there is, with the exception of rap and cumbia villera from Argentina. My tendencies towards sounds may, and usually do, vary a lot from time to time.


Sometimes I have the need of watching some Matrix, Predator, Aliens and in others something like The Band's Visit (Bikur Ha-Tizmoret), Burrowing (swedish) and some Bergman.

Belongs to the following groups



I'm currently living in Montpellier, as simple as that :)



I currently live in the city so joining the group sounds pretty good. Thanks!!! Ah no; sorry, MERCI



I would like to volunteer in an NGO with my Mental Health skills.


Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

2 nights

I Live With:

My girlfriend.

Please bring:

Sleeping bag.

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour.

Right now I don't count with a big enough place for hosting but I'd be more than happy to show people around, exchange languages, and over all: DO YOGA!

Other information for guests:

Right now my best offer is an insulated air mattress on the floor, early rises and not much of a night life. If you're in an emergency an this is good enough for you maybe I can help you out.

Public transport:

From here there is a bus which costs 1.40€ and takes you downtown in 20 min.

House Rules:
No drugs.