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About me

Hi, I'm Tom

I hate meeting new people (let's face it the majority of people you meet, not least in travelling circles, are pretty boring) so I suppose you could say I'm pretty narrow minded.

I'm only on BeWelcome, because CS has gone to pot and I'm so socially retarded it's my only avenue for human contact.

Spoken languages

  • English Mother Tongue
  • German Fluent
  • Russian Intermediate
  • French Beginner

My interests


eating, drinking, being merry.


Anything by Irvine Welsh, polemics (especially Nick Cohen) and Roald Dahl.


The usual indie/Britpop clichés.


Subtitled indie wankfests.

Organisations I belong to:

The Labour Party

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Lived in Moscow for a year as a student. Briefly visited St Petersburg and Kiev (to which I have since been back a couple of times), moved to Berlin after uni from where I used to hitchhike to Poland regularly. Georgia (the country) is the best place I've visited. America was the biggest culture shock.

Planned trips:

Annapurna Base Camp in November.

Belongs to the following groups


London Emergency hosting

I have no aversion to helping those in need.


yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

Strictly speaking: 2 nights, though if we get along then I might be able to host you longer.

I Live With:

Three others: a couple and an American guy.

Please bring:

Red wine or Polish lager

I can offer my guests:
A dinner.

Food - I quite enjoy cooking and for a Brit I'm fairly good at it. I can also bore you with stories which invariably start: "When I was in Moscow..." or "When I was hitchhiking back from Poland..."

I can offer my hosts:

An English breakfast at weekends

Other information for guests:

A sleeping bag on the settee in the living room. If you wish to check out my references: https://www.couchsurfing.org/people/ycfc/

Public transport:

I live in Tottenham, on the Victoria Line.

House Rules:

If you smoke, please do so in the back garden. If you have special tobacco or cigars, please share.