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About me

A somehow serious Swiss guy how like to travel, meet cool and interesting people. I'm now adult enough to know that I will not change the world, nevertheless I try to do my best ;)

I'm now (2015) in transition between my engineering studies and the workplace. I might travel less in the future, but will also be able to host more

PS: I've been on couchsurfing since 2011, you can find my profile (and references) with the following link https://www.couchsurfing.com/people/yakari1400 (same nickname as here)

Spoken languages

  • French Mother Tongue
  • German Expert
  • Russian Expert
  • English Fluent
  • Spanish Beginner

Travel experiences

Past trips:

2009: two weeks bicycle trip through Switzerland and back. My first real travelling experience without my parents, at 18 years old
2011-2012: one year academic exchange in Russia. Learned the Russian and language and culture. An amazing, life-changing experience
2013: five months volunteering in Russia, Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan. Helped people in need, played with children in orphanages
2013: Switzerland-Finland hitch-hiking with friends, two weeks on the road in central Europe and the Baltics. Most crazy encounters I ever did
2015: 3 months of internship in Sweden. Nice people, beautiful country, interesting society and culture

Planned trips:

Switzerland-Greece hitch-hiking through the Balkans in summer 2015.

Beside that nothing precise, but I'd like to go everywhere. At least once in my life :)


Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

Nothing really set, it depends on you and your tourist project in Zurich... Up to three nights would never be a problem, and that's about the time you need to do all the sights in Zurich. If you want to stay more, please explain me why, and if it's a good reason I'll try to convince my flatmates ;)

I Live With:

I live with 30 other crazy people in an old mansion that's been transformed in a student dorm. 6 of those people are my direct flatmates and they have a word to say if you can stay or not. We're all open-minded, welcoming and like to party, but we're usually busy and our schedule doesn't allow spontaneity, in the pure Swiss tradition :(

Please bring:

Yourself. Your stories, your happiness, your curiosity and your experiences. Honestly I don't need anything material, I just like to meet people :)

Yet if we cook together I might ask you to share the bills ;)

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour, A dinner.

A comfortable couch with duvet and sheets of course, plus a city tour in cool places outside of the tourist pools. If I'm too busy to show you around, I can give you a good map of the city with the addresses of the places to see.

I also have an extra Swiss simcard if you need it. And of course you can use anythin we have at home, including the washing machine and the fridge - but not what's inside unless you bought it yourself

I can offer my hosts:

I can teach you various stuffs about science and engineering, teach you a language if you want to, just ask for what you want and I'll find something interesting for you to know. I really love to teach what I know - sometimes it can be boring, so beware ! ;)

Since I moved out of my parents' in 2011 I learnt how to cook and I must stay I'm not ashamed of my cooking skills - tell me if you want to taste a Swiss "salée à la crème vaudoise", an Uzbek "Plov" or just soft caramels, I can make a lot of tasty things :)

Other information for guests:

I'm now in Sweden and will move back to Zurich in July 2015. I will talk this hosting through with my flatmates and will let you know

Public transport:

Bus/funicular stop "Rigiblick". Easy to access, bus/tram every 10 min to and from anywhere in the city. Contact me to find out the prices and itinerary (public transport in Zurich is expensive in a worldwide comparison, yet it is still the cheapest and most comfortable way to move around)

House Rules:
No drugs.

Nothing too fancy:
what happens behind a room door is private life and is not of your concern; food is private property and shall not be stolen, yet agreement on sharing food is a good thing; you clean what you make dirty; don't flirt with the flatmates.