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okay: i'm trying to settle down.
but it's not easy.
it's a workinprogress.
and i still feel 51% or 49% (depends on the day/place/minute/second) nomad-fulltime-migrant:
..i’m original from germany, but for kind of ten years i had no home anymore - during the summertime i use to live and work (with kids) in italy or other european countries, the rest of the year i’m just travelling around – insomma, vita da vagabonda!
BUT: i'm trying to settle down. now. soon. workinprogress..

pssst…top secret: i have a home now!! and it's beautiful :)

(actually i already found my third home, and i feel like..mhmm…round about 85% settled..)


i am one of the couchsurfing-emigrants, happy that i found this alternative which seems to be nice, but if you want to find some references you can check my abandoned cs-profile:


see you :)

Spoken languages

  • German Mother Tongue
  • Italian Expert
  • English Fluent
  • French Beginner

My interests


i love music, and travelling, and children...good cinema...concerts everywhere...good food, inconsistencies and basketball and languages...chaos…radicchio...wondering...barefoot, more travelling and the ocean...dancing, jumping...silence...analogue photography....invisible theatre...violet and orange and green...train stations, good books...dizzy heights...playing devil sticks...painting...thinking and walking and watching and asking...adventures...mangos...laughing my backpack my friends


just some exemples:
peter handke "kaspar"
giuseppe caruso "chi ha ucciso silvio berlusconi"
korczak janusz "król maciuś pierwszy"
carlos fuentes "los años con laura diaz"
valeria parrella "mosca più balena"
emiliano migliorucci "quando il vento non fa rumore"
david grossmann "siman kri'a"
alessandro baricco "oceano mare"
..and many manymany more




filmart from all over the world, intelligent films, surprising films, roadmovies.. - i prefer to watch films in the cinema, including the end titels - just the time for my mind to return to reality.

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Austria, Brazil, Denmark, England, France, Greece, Italy, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey

Planned trips:

i would like to go to argentina, one day; and cross the balkan (like hitchhiking or by bike, from venezia to istanbul, something like that, with no hurry); and...…pianosa!

Belongs to the following groups



...it's traveling at it's best



..one of my favorite reasons to travel


Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:


I Live With:

a flatmate, and: the most beautiful corkscrew in the world

Please bring:

your mood of the moment.
whatever i can not imagine.

maybe a sleeping bag

I can offer my guests:

i live a very improvisational life, no regular working-, eating- or sleeping-times; and i don't like touristic places, so if you want to watch them - just do it!! ...but you are very welcome to join my usual day life, cooking, walking, markets, concerts, ...well, just contact me :) !!

I can offer my hosts:

participation & respect, a smile & philosophy, madness & peppermint oil :)

Other information for guests:

children welcome

Public transport:

u-bahn just 2 minutes from my home, 15 minutes to alexanderplatz; close to the ringbahn as well..

House Rules:

..you have to sit down for peeing, all gender :)

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