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I arrived in Berlin in October 2011, so I am not a real 'local'.

I enjoy drawing and learning languages. Now it's the turn of the Semitic languages, so if you know one, be prepared to answer quite a few questions! :-)

I lived in Spain for about a year, and I'm still fond of that land and people. I like music (even if at the moment I'm very outdated!), and I used to play in a band during the '90s. I still play guitar every now and then, but at a very basic level :-(

As a hobby I like to be into computers (I owned a trashware Mosix-cluster, and now I have turned it into an LTSP-thing), but my free time is getting every day less and less. Maybe during some winter I will make up something new!

Spoken languages

  • Italian Mother Tongue
  • Spanish Expert
  • English Fluent
  • French Fluent
  • German Fluent
  • Catalan Intermediate
  • Portuguese Beginner
  • Amharic Can only say Welcome!

My interests


Мастер и Маргарета, Rayuela


The Velvet Underground And Nico


La double vie de Véronique

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Albania, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bolivia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Malaysia, Mexico, Montenegro, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Palestine, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Romania, Senegal, Serbia, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay

Planned trips:

Rest of the world

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Brainstorming in an open and free environment.

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Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

A couple of days is OK. I live with my girlfriend, so I have to take her into account.

I Live With:

My lovely girlfriend.

Please bring:

Sleeping bag. If you stay longer than one-two days, we can provide bed sheets and the like.

I can offer my guests:
A dinner.

Pillows and blankets; washing machine; fridge; pasta dinner; wireless flat-rate internet connection.

Other information for guests:

You will sleep in the living room, so there will only be relative privacy. You will have a two-places sofa-bed.

If you are coming in more than one person, your chances of getting hosted will greatly increase if everybody in the group has a complete BeWelcome/CouchSurfing/Hospitalityclub profile.

There is a washing machine that you can use—but you'll have to dry your clothes the good old way :-). It will be appreciated if you bring your sleeping bag/sheets, because I don't feel like doing the laundry every day. You can use the fridge for your things, and of course the kitchen.

I work sometimes at home, and my timetable is extremely variable, but if I have some spare time I will be pleased to show you around.

Public transport:

The U-Bahn (underground) station is one minute walking.

House Rules:
No smoking, No drugs.

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