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tobixen Tobias Brox anytime

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Bewelcome Families

Sebastian was born 2004-02-07. We got our son Sebastian at 2004-02-07. Our hosting situation for families is not ideal, but playmates on his age are very welcome :-)



I've signed up to help with system administration and software development. I've actually been trying hard for several years NOT to become involved as a HospitalityClub volunteer, but after several months of "sorry, temporary high load, please try to log in again later", I decided to offer my help - DB optimizations is one of my specialities. I sent email sto Jean Yves and Veit offering my help. I heard nothing from Veit, and Jean Yves wasn't involved with HC anymore. However, he introduced me to BW/BV, so here I am :-)



Actually, I'm not much of a cook - my wife usually do the cooking, and when it's affordable and practically possible (not in Norway, that is :-) we dine out. Anyway I think that sharing food and tasting local food is part of the "ritual", and I also think cooking can be a nice social activity.



I'm not a sports biker - but sometimes biking for getting somewhere, and sometimes biking just for the pleasure of it. Unfortunately, we have become lazy, fat, and in a constant time squeeze, so we usually go by car nowadays - and thus becoming even more lazy and fat :-(We have one dedicated guest bike, and it's quite often possible to borrow my bike as well.



I'm tobixen on hospitality club. I guess I will hang around a bit being both in BW and HC, but I really dislike to keep multiple profiles in sync , so I hope there will be technical cooperation in the future.



I'm living in Oslo


Sailing and Diving

I'm doing quite a lot of sailing indeed. Would totally have lived on the boat if it wasn't for my family



I just got myself a yacht! I'm such a newbie ... so little time, so much to learn, and so much work to be done keeping that yacht afloat!



I've had a tendency to overcommit myself, particularly in the past - from time to time I still do volunteer work, but I'm trying not to commit myself too much.