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About me

We'd like to host other families (we're a family of five by now, with two boys and one girl, born 2004-02-07, 2011-02-11 and 2013-09-30), and I would enjoy getting company on sailing trips.

We're living in the direction of the OSL airport - as of 2017-07 we don't have a car and can't pick up from the airport. The ticket price is NOK 90 by local train. It should be possible to hitch hike as well. Hence it may be suitable to stay at our place if you come in by an evening flight to OSL and continue with a morning flight the next day (but if it's late evening and early morning, then probably you should either try to get a nap at the airport or visit one of the local hotels there).

We're living at Grorud, it's not so close downtown (maybe more than an hour of walk), though we're well connected by metro, train and buses.

Our life feels constantly busy - it's not always we have as much time as we'd wish to spend with our guests, but still it's no fun with guests that does their best "not to be in the way". Please do be our guests - join our dinners (or other meals). It's not much enjoyable with guests that sleeps when we go to work and comes home after we've gone to bed. We'd like to be kept up-to-date about your plans, and we'd like to know if you have any food preferences.

If you're short on time and your primary purpose of visiting Oslo is to wander around downtown and/or checking out the night life, then probably you should consider some other host.

Spoken languages

  • English Fluent
  • Norwegian Fluent
  • Russian Beginner

Travel experiences

Past trips:

I've been in most of Europe, except south Portugal, Moldovia, all of former Yugoslavia, Greece, Albania, Iceland, Berlin, Caucasus region (i.e. Georgia), Belarussia, Wales, most of Italy ... hum, seems like we still have quite much of Europe left to see! We've also been in Beijing, Hong Kong and some few other parts of China. I've been to Jekaterinburg, Perm and Manhattan as well.

Planned trips:

July 2017: planning to go to Kristiansand, west coast of Denmark, Kiel channel, Copenhagen.

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Bewelcome Families

Sebastian was born 2004-02-07. We got our son Sebastian at 2004-02-07. Our hosting situation for families is not ideal, but playmates on his age are very welcome :-)



I've signed up to help with system administration and software development. I've actually been trying hard for several years NOT to become involved as a HospitalityClub volunteer, but after several months of "sorry, temporary high load, please try to log in again later", I decided to offer my help - DB optimizations is one of my specialities. I sent email sto Jean Yves and Veit offering my help. I heard nothing from Veit, and Jean Yves wasn't involved with HC anymore. However, he introduced me to BW/BV, so here I am :-)



Actually, I'm not much of a cook - my wife usually do the cooking, and when it's affordable and practically possible (not in Norway, that is :-) we dine out. Anyway I think that sharing food and tasting local food is part of the "ritual", and I also think cooking can be a nice social activity.

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yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

one week

I Live With:

Spouse and children

Please bring:

Nothing really. We provide towels and bedclothes. Some people bring gifts - if you do, we'd appreciate local specialities from your country, preferably something that can be consumed together during your stay.

Keep in mind that Norway is a high-cost country, and in particular alcohol and tobacco is extremely expensive. If you want to drink (or smoke) in Norway we'd strongly advice that you bring enough for your own consumption, and we probably wouldn't mind to join in for a drink. :-)

(services are also very expensive - i.e. transportation, restaurants, etc - food in the supermarkets are relatively affordable here).

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour, A dinner.

Guestroom, clean towel, clean bedclothes.

Currency trade: if you need some NOK cash during your stay in Oslo/Norway, I can buy EUR cash, bitcoins, ethereum and possibly other crypto currencies. I will take a small commission, but I should be competitive to the banks. Remember, there is usually a 1.75% currency convertion fee when withdrawing money from the ATM!

Other information for guests:

This is not a hotel - particularly this is not a five star hotel. Expect some mess, bad planning, floors that are overdue for being cleaned, etc.

Public transport:

Trains, buses, metro ... ask for directions

House Rules:
No smoking.

Please keep us informed about your plans, when can we expect you to come "home", we'd like to know if you'll be joining our meals, please help out with housework if you can.

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