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tarteba anytime

About me

for me it's difficult to describe myself, not because i can't do,, no, just because i hate the criterion that people made it up, and the way that when you have to tell others how nice you are.

Spoken languages

  • English Expert
  • Arabic Fluent
  • Russian Sign Language Fluent

My interests


i communicating in three language English, Russian and Arabic. i would like to grow up my Spanish. i been traveled into 4 country. i am vegetarian.


i am not sure that i can mention specific kind of books.


reggae, dub , shaman.


i don't have

Organisations I belong to:

i am pharmacy, so you can say i am free as i want to be when i want ..

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Russia, Egypt, South Sudan, Eritrea.

Planned trips:

Belongs to the following groups


Munich hiking group

to walk the walk

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yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

say month

I Live With:

okay i don't like to be the same place for long so you can guess.

Please bring:

bring your self , i offering place to sleep and something to eat, i can organizing trip to Eritrea from Sudan if you want or in side Sudan where i am right now,

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour.

place to sleep and something to eat, little trip inside my country and what ever you are decide.

I can offer my hosts:

nice music and fresh fruit

Other information for guests:

my parents house or my sister house or i can a rent house if the number oh people is big .

Public transport:

we can use the public transport or we can rent a car as possible, personally i don't have car so.

House Rules:
No drugs.

we can made it up together as comfortable for all