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About me

Am designer boardgames and learning how programs Html5 I like to travel around of Europa by business trips I living in Denmark,I like take pictures from my Trip and share,also culture,music, experience, and dancing am Latin American I do like test traditional dish .

Spoken languages

  • Spanish Sign Language Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • Portuguese Intermediate
  • Danish Beginner

My interests


listen music,walk in the wood,I feel nature,I do like be in peace couple hours and I like know new people in the city I like talk and change different point of view,en fact am very creative or inventor board games,design jewelry
instead change language test new dishes I like cooking my typical food,social drink, no smoke tobacco,I like spices chili and Peruvian dish.
painting alw


the alquimist,brand stoker Dracula,Isabel Allende, jose saramago,
Stefan King, Vargas llosa,the Bible


English romantic music,acdc,rolling stone, led Zeppelin, deep purple, the doors, pink Floyd, Spanish rock, Latin dance,


Dracula, underworld, blade, interview with the vampire,machete,troya,Merlin, Xena the warrior princess, Arthur and Camelot, Titanic, naked gun,brave heart
tintin full movie, no time for described at all more than that almost 1000,English version.

Organisations I belong to:

I looking for organization or created one.

Travel experiences

Past trips:

before sudamèrica,Bolivia, Peru,ecudor,Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Europe Luxembourg, Germany, France, Belgium, Portugal, Spain, Andorra, Poland, Denmark,canary island, Madeira

Planned trips:

Australia,Canada, new york,Malta,England, Marrakech, Russian, Thailand, Japan, Shanghai, Roma. Argentina, Chile. Uruguay.

Belongs to the following groups



am member this group ..i do like know creator and not creator for share experience art.


yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

can stay a week sometime we can show aruond

I Live With:

my friend

Please bring:

many god feeling ,,,,peace and love ..full humor..

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour.

we can offer the guests room ,,and couchsurfing ..

I can offer my hosts:


Public transport:

ther goes train to here

House Rules:
No drugs.

heip with the practical things.... make food-cleaning washing dishes