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I'm vietnamese . I love to travelling and eating the variety of food in many different countries, especially asian and europe food. I am willing to learn about new cultures and want to discover some interest places when I'm travelling on the way and I also want to introduce my country to all over the world. My favourite sport is football and table tennis . I can play it quite well but not professional. I am eager to talk about what I can learn from travelling and soft skills to survive in adventure trip or how to use natural resources to live in a strange place. I love to learn a new language and even though can speak more languages than I used to be. Hope to talk with some elderly about their experiences in life and how they can overcome that situation.

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  • Vietnamese Mother Tongue
  • English Intermediate

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Thailand, France, netherlands, american, germany, belgium

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Portugal, switzerland, austria, greece and italy

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I live in Rotterdam a few month ago and I want to know more about this beautiful city and also some experiences about how to travel and enjoy a trip! ^^


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My uncle's family.

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No smoking, No alcohol, No drugs.