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sipmester Mark Kovacs

About me

i graduated at the uni at sociology and communication major. i work as a research assistant at the central european university in full time and i am a football referee in the weekends and i sometimes have some contemporary partjobs.

i spent 4 months in turkey and i learnt a lot about hospitality, i try to do my best. usually i am very busy sometimes i hardly spend time with my guests, forgive me. it is better if you bring some food because i am not a well-trained chef.

i love ponies, balconies, flags; love staying, sleeping, eating, swimming on roofs. i love surrealistic experiences like walking in the basin of a dried river, listening ladytron in the cuban countryside, or visiting a houseparty in iran. i have a quite big collection of beer caps (150 pieces) but i must taste it. i like unique t-shirts.
sometimes i hitchhike, my best ride was sofia-budapest!

i have the same login name at CS.

Spoken languages

  • Hungarian Mother Tongue
  • English Intermediate
  • French Beginner
  • Turkish Beginner

Belongs to the following groups



i live here


Budapest Last Minute BeWelcome

i like hosting last minute



go with the flow


never ask
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:


I Live With:

my best friend

Please bring:

sleeping bag, food, toothpaste, radioactive waste

I can offer my guests:


I can offer my hosts:

hungarian shot drink

Public transport:

so many

House Rules:

i can say surely hosting just 3 days before your arrival!

i usually host people from last minute group.
i clean the flat rarely so please don't be surprised when you arrive.
if i can host you you maybe get an own room. now i have a new flatmate, please be quiet when you are at my home.

on weekdays i have to start at 9 am and i finish my work around 5 pm. on weekends i am a football referee, my schedule is complicated, you have to be flexible. you can get an own key but you are responsible for it.

please bring your sleeping bag or don't complaining if the bed sheet is not perfectly clean.
i don't smoke but you can on the corridor. i go to bed late and wake up early, life is too short for spending time with sleeping. spending 3 days is enough with me!

fun things around me? budapest!!!

write in your request 'judean popular front' and i will invite you a beer. but if you send me 'judean people's front' i won't reply. :)

the best if you write 1-5 days before your arriving date. i have a smart phone but i don't have 3g so if sg. is changed write me an sms not email. sometimes i reply by smartphone so my message seems rude and short but it's just because of my chic.

"Do not judge, or you too will be judged." many people write if you do this or you are this please don't come. i totally disagree with this. but i expect read my couch information at least.

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