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similia DANA

About me

Spoken languages

  • Romanian Mother Tongue
  • English Intermediate
  • Spanish Intermediate
  • French Beginner
  • Hungarian Beginner

My interests


trekking, climbing, reading, diving, motorcycling


Three cups of tea

Organisations I belong to:


Travel experiences

Past trips:

I have a lot of experience in couchsurfing

Planned trips:


Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

3 day

Please bring:

sleeping bag

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour.

a cup of coffee or a tea.
city tour

Public transport:


House Rules:
No smoking, No drugs.

READ what I can offer BEFORE ASK TO HOST YOU! "My HOME is my Sanctuary and Bring with You Respect and Friendship! Reward is Granted! "

Special request for MAN: pee sitting on the toilet. In this way you don't spread your pee all over the toilet and also you protect your prostate. Or you do the cleaning before living the house.

I like people who have theirs profile complete.
It´s the first way to know you.
If you have just to add you to CS project and you are looking for a couch please, take the trouble to complete your profile.

Also, I value highly people who have replayed 100% of request other people have sent their. If you would like I reply you, you should reply everyone.

Usually I can host 1 or 2 people on the "mattress", in the separate room.

NO DRUGS, and alcoholic people. NO SMOKING !!! I don't smoke! !!! ! ! !

Expectations I have from my guests:
- flash the toilet after!
- pee/pooh inside the WC
- turn off lights inside the house asap as they are no longer needed (toilet, kitchen, hall, rooms, etc)!
- make clean, after you having a shower.
The bathroom is not a swimming pool and we don't need water all over :)
Look of the water! Is precious liquid so don't waste it.

!!! Expectations my guests might have from me: let me know in writing or verbally !
- Please include in your couch request: your food restrictions & your known allergies. I want to be sure you read it my profile, and for that I ask you to start your request with Hello Simi! Also write what you choose for bathroom (position or cleaning). I will give you the key of my house to enjoy about your time. I can't provide to much food for you, because i don't cook too much, but you can use the kitchen since you buy the things you want to cook (there's a open market nearby)
Free internet access and WI-FI.
Would be grate if you will bring with you a sleeping bag, but if you can't we will find a solution.
My work day is quite unknown so we will talk about it when you will arrive.
Do not stay longer then 23.00 when I start working next day in the early morning.

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