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seraph Adrian Cabała

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About me

I'm dreaming about travels most of the time - the rest of it I'm just travelling. It started some time ago and luckily it still make me happy.
I'm an individualist a bit, but I'm trying to live in society.
Definitely prefer nature than big, crowded cities, don't like industry and technology (what's more funny I study something very connected with it).
I'd like to stay for some time in wild country, with no electricity, with no McDonald's and coca cola.

Spoken languages

  • Polish Mother Tongue
  • English Intermediate
  • German Can only say Welcome!
  • Russian Can only say Welcome!

My interests

Organisations I belong to:

CouchSurfing (obviously) : http://www.couchsurfing.org/people/adrian.cabala
HospitalityClub (but it died long time ago)
Students ministry by Carmelites church

Travel experiences

Past trips:

2011 - Georgia and Armenia by hitchhiking
2010 - Romania by motorbike
2009 - Georgia by hitchhiking
2008 - Norway by hitchhiking

Planned trips:

2012 - Israel by hitchhiking

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Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

1-3 nights will be rather OK. After that time my friends would start to complain (but never tested yet).

I Live With:

There are 8 of us in the house: 3 guys, 3 more guys and 2 girls. Additional bonus is black cat, so if you are allergic to it might be a problem.
That way before replying your request I need to ask at least my roommates for permission. One more guy (David) is CSer as me (but not BW yet)

Please bring:

Your smile

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour, A dinner.

I am working to 17, so probably I can't show you around, as well as go for all-the-night party, but can give you some advices and spend the evening toghether (ex. with beer, wine, tea, etc.).

What can I offer you is a place on the air mattress, or if there are 2 of you, you can share my bed, and I will sleep on the mattress. Eventually if my friends are going away, their beds will be free for use also.

If you don't have, I can offer you a towel, sleeping bag and pillow.

Public transport:

I live about 30min by foot from Main Square, 20min from Kraków Główny train station, near Rakowicki cementary (map). There is also good tram and bus communication with my place and rest of the city.

House Rules:
No drugs.

Personally I don't smoke, but there are some nicotine addicted people here. In short: smoking outside is allowed, inside forbidden.

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