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satyaseeker Chung-Han Yang anytime

About me

I think I am the kind of people that
seemly indifferent but actually friendly,
generally silent but talkative while I have to,
mostly easygoing but very stubborn in some way,
being considered as hardworking but actually super lazy

Compare with living without money,I prefer to say that I am trying to live without owning.I do have something,but they are not mine....
sounds weird but that is what I mean.
I can teach students in rural area,cook food for the hungry,help with farming or construction,share stories for anyone interested in,and asking nothing in return.I hope I can be a valuable gift to these society.
And the society will also give me gift in her own way.Like people who give me rides,people who host me,people who share food with me,and people who make me a better gift for the others.

not sure if there exist what so called the best society.But if so,even just for a tiny possibility,I would love to devote myself in this tiny possibility.

Spoken languages

  • Chinese (Traditional) Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • German Beginner
  • Croatian Beginner

My interests


reading and writing
table tennis,volley ball
mountain climbing
walking along and thinking


fight club,into the wild,the big fish,12 angry men

Travel experiences

Past trips:

1.walking around Taiwan(combined with hitchhiking)
2.being a volunteer in India but turned out that there were too many volunteers and no job for us all.So I decided to quit and travel with couchsurfing.
3.Hitchhiking and working exchange through Germany,Denmark and Sweden with my girl friend.
4.Exchange student in Croatia.Ended up in a cool squat.

Planned trips:

Belongs to the following groups


alternative ways of living, consuming...

wanna get rid of consumerism and capitalism.



kind of anarchist,used to live in a squat



hitchhike lover

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yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

Actually it is totally depend on how we get along with each other.

I will be traveling until July,2018. You can still feel free to contact with me, you probably won't meet me in Taiwan. But I might be able to find some friend to host you.

I Live With:

I live with my family.My mom and dad do not speak English but they are super friendly for sure.My brother speaks some English.But he generally does not want to host people who do not speak Chinese alone.

Please bring:

stories of course.
And if you would like to,guests are super welcomed to teach us their local food or cook with us.

I can offer my guests:

a wooden floor bedroom.
Generally guests are welcomed to join every meal with us if they are at home.
I do not always free to guide the guests.And to be honest,I am not so interested in the typical tourist spots.
But I might try to bring the guest to meet some cool people or cool place...or some strange schedule.

Other information for guests:

I am running a project about inviting travelers to rural schools. If you are interested in this program, you can check the link.

House Rules:
No drugs.

When I accept a guest,it means that guest is a kind of people whom I would like to trust with my heart without even meeting and talking in advance.So I believe that our guests won't offend us in anyway.If so,that should be my mistake....

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