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About me

You can read lots of references to me on the cs website: https://www.couchsurfing.org/profile.html?id=5QSV0HK

well I can say I'm quite easy going and not judgmental, although curious as a monkey, you better know, I love to talk about film and experimental art and I don't trust people who don't want to talk about films because knowing the plot would spoil the surprise.
Quite cyclothimic and also meteophatic, a world that doesn't exist in English, but if you know a bit of romance languages you would work out that that means affected by the weather.
That's why I don't know if I'll live all my life in the North of Europe. I might do.
Vegetarian, interested and aware of issues as climate change and way to tackling this - also if we have already got into unstoppable global warming - as reduction of CO2 emissions, permaculture, cycling around, not booking too many flights or even better trying to avoid it at all, I'm waiting to have time and resources to see clearer into things like permaculture, organic farming, eco building and the like. starting to understand that revolution will be local if it will ever be. That would be desirable. I mean revolution.
I am marxist and I don't like rich people and who defends them, usually cops.
I am generous and also stingy.
I am bitter, sarcastic and pessimistic but also cheerful, naive as a child and just a light heart, glad just to be.
I'm reassured by contradictions, they are a sign of quality in things.
My mission are actually 3, indeed 4: I heard it's Jewish wisdom that says: a man, in his life, have to accomplish at least 3 things: generate one child (that's enough, we are already too much), plant a tree and write a book (regarding this I'm already there or halfway there, since I have written quite a few short novels that put together might do a collection of short novels, but my aim is quality not quantity).
I am really a music person and get on particularly well with musicians, children and witty people.
Well I could continue but I stop here if we meet you'll find out more, maybe :-)

Spoken languages

  • Italian Mother Tongue
  • English Expert
  • French Fluent
  • Spanish Intermediate
  • German Beginner

My interests


Politic, Geopolitic, global and local, that put together compounded the interesting neologism glocal.
Art, philosophy, literature, cinema, music, poetry, friendship, helping people.


lots, recently Slavoj Zizek


I will mention here the best 5: Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Bach, Primus, Zu.


Documentary, activism, Italian movies of the 70's.

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Staying in Edinburgh over Christmas 2013 and New years'eve.



live in England. Should I be happy and proud? I don't know.



I live in Nottingham. Hope this group gets bigger.


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