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Hy and hello !
I play guitar, I'm a drum-teacher, artist (I make paintings in oil), I love reading, talking politics, I'm even happier fighting the power! I like having a laugh, I love swimming (I'm an environmentalist sometimes), bike riding, good coffee and good company . . .
How are You ? You're welcome ..!.

Spoken languages

  • German Mother Tongue
  • English Intermediate

My interests


swimming & singing, cooking, byking, picturing, dancing, writing, walking, reading, painting ...


.. so many ... I love autobiographies a lot ... and also; Goethe, Sartre and all that stuff .. but sometimes it must be a Ringelnatz or some Grimm´s fairy-tales ... , ore actually I read "Der Hundertjährige" (der aus dem Fenster..) ...


all that stuff what will be really goood:-) .. from PoP to Beethoven -
from Indian classical music (Ravi Shankar, ..) to ACDC, PinkFloyd ore Bryan Adams, Police, Alicia Key, Jan Delay, Red Hot Chilly ... Prince ..... ... .


Man in Black, ...

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Norway, France, Turkey, Moscow, Spain, St.Petersburg, Italy, Swedan, London, Nederlands, Rom, Barcelona, Venice, Greek, Berlin, Denmark, Paris last year, ...

Planned trips:

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alternative ways of living, consuming...

I try to life "in the biological way" without OGM plants, chemical fertilizers, defoliants, preservative agents or emulsifier in any food ..



.. I'm a ArTist ...



yes ..

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yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

it depends what you / we like to do {write a little about you & your plan´s} ...

Please bring:

nothing - without good vibrations - I really have everything here (smal + big towel´s also {flowers are not highly necessary;-)

[ .. you can bring to me you're new song or a food-receipt from your country .. and you are welcome to cook here with me together all you like ... ]

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour, A dinner.

.. I can guide you thru my typical "middle-german-city" .. I also have a bicycle for you (if you are as small as my girlfriends), we can have some cooking-sesson or go swimming to a pool (we have 3 big in town, or a nice natural see outside .. ) . . just ask me before if you like something special - I can also check a evening in the opera (Mozart, Verdi.), or sing some of my own songs life for you ..

I can offer my hosts:

I'm a silent guy when I'm travelling around just, I'm with a sleeping-bag mostly and well happy to find a silent place where it is allowed to cook something to myself, ore together ...
thank you very much!

Other information for guests:

.. we can make music here or meditate .. I have place enough I paint paintings in oil here sometimes .. my fridge (+freeze!) is already full for 3 days and of cause I have big and small towels for you .. in the bathroom is a washing machine and a shower .. {and I like to know the new stuff out of "all over the world" :} ...

Public transport:

yes, a lot of .. mostly we use the underground / subway (tube) or some other public-transfer we have here (the tube here is called: "S-Bahn" or "U-Bahn") ..
.. if you came from the airport or / and from the "central-rail-station" you go over the underground-station: "Konstablerwache" with the > U4 < to my place (3 stations) to the station called: "Höhenstraße" (I can pick up you there; but it is 10 min. to me just) ..

House Rules:

be sure to give me all person(s) before you will arrive & have a free open mind .. and no doggy with you ...

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