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I am a relaxed and easy going person, I enjoy life every second, laughing is probably my favourite activity, travelling the second. I love the feeling of not knowing where I am going to sleep tonight, or where I'm gonna go, simply because I can go wherever I want. Freedom is addictive.
Oh and I hate to plan things, especially about travelling, planning takes the magic out.

like to think that We are all humans; black, white, yellow or whatever your skin could look like; from earth, the same for us all. Deeply humanist, I think that tolerance and acceptance of all people and their differences are the future of our world. Even if I believe in something superior, I don't belong to a religion, but I respect the beliefs of everybody without questioning why they choose to believe what they do. I have my own values and a certain moral code, which I try to follow the best I can. I am curious and interested in pretty much everything (maybe not the last haircut of Justin Bieber, though). I think that travelling is the best way to understand the world and its people.

Spoken languages

  • French Mother Tongue
  • English Expert
  • Spanish Beginner

My interests


Traveling, meeting new people, driving (on the right side of the road^^),long night chat with booze and friends,
and so much more...


Authors I enjoy:

Akira toriyama, Barjavel , Jonathan stroud, Isaac Asimov, Pierre Bottero, Jean Van Hamme, , Robert Charles Wilson, Eoin Colfer, Arthur Clarc...


I listen to all kind of music, but have a deep respect for some artists and listening to them always cheer me up.
Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, Fountain of Wayne, Ray Charles, Nirvana,.....


Few of the many movies I enjoy : v for vandetta, gladiator, inside man, jungle fever, le bon la brute et le truand, the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, 2046, flight above a coucou nest, garden state, star wars(a new hope, the empire strikes back, return of the jedi) little miss sunshine, into the wild...

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Australia, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Scotland, Sweden, United States, Wales, Spain

Planned trips:

the whole world obviously!!

Belongs to the following groups



I live in toulouse


never ask
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

it really depends on how much I like you ^^

Please bring:

We have a big living room with plenty of bedding, blankets and pillows.
I can also arrange a bed in my room.
And just so you know if you stay for more than one night you will be ask to bring some toilet paper^^

I can offer my guests:

a warm atmosphere, a cold beer or/and a hot beverage,probably some pasta if you're hungry, but most important a comfy bed.

I can offer my hosts:

whatever you need at the time ^^

Public transport:

We live in the center of Toulouse,1 min walk from the metro station "St Michel Marcel Langer" on the "B" line " the yellow one"
5 min from the city center.

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