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About me

Hello Fellow Travelers,

I am prady , I am full time working professional in IT(Software) industry as Quality Analyst. I am fun loving, easily gel with stranger or some one new. I don't wanna be serious ever, so comedy shows and jokes are my favorite to watch. I like surfing, chatting. Fish is the most Delicious food for me. I don't care who came first among 'Egg or Chicken' on this planet. But whoever come first on my dining table, I don't wanna share with you :D ..... just kidding , dont be serious ;) I have also traveled previously to UK-London ,Germany-Dusseldorf, and Netherland-Utrecht during my onshore assignment.

I have been an active host on couple of website and hosted around 60 travelers; solo, couple, group of people(4 adult) also families with 3 kids. My host has been from India, America, Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Colombia, German, Romania, Spanish, Belgium, Netherlands, Canada, Denmark, Switzerland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Brazil, Ukraine,Chile, Maxico.

The best way to contact me is on my FB page "Pradys Hosting".
Before you request for hosting, please let me know followings,
1. your lastname
2. city where you live in
3. your purpose to visit Orlando
4 at what time do u plan to check in ?

Spoken languages

  • Hindi Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • Gujarati Intermediate
  • Marathi Intermediate

My interests


I like listening all type of music, meeting new people interacting with them, trying different food, exploring different places. I like exercise sport, watching thriller , suspense, horror movies and cooking spicy Indian style curry.


Facebook :p


I am crazy for music. Music is like drug to me. I love listening all types of Music. Music has no language, even though I may not understand the lyrics due to its foreign language, but I truly enjoy the rhythm and tone. I listen music even when I am working, studying or engaged in some other activity.


Thriller, suspense, horror are my preference over other genre.

Organisations I belong to:

Information Technology (Software)

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Traveled to UK-London , Germany-Dusseldorf, Netherlands-Utrecht during my onshore work assignment.

Planned trips:

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I am an active CouchSurfer


yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

3 week

I Live With:

my wife

Please bring:

Smile, Your travel stories and an open mind. Nothing material expected, but I won't refuse to accept if you would share/gift anything out of your generosity.

I can offer my guests:
A dinner.

* Extra towel for shower/Pool time
* Breakfast
* Authentic Indian Dinner
* Wifi (Internet)
* Gym

* Swimming pool

* Jacuzzi(Hot Tub)

* BBQ Grills - Inside the community (If some one wants to BBQ)

* Beautiful Lake & Hut area

* Mini theater-Inside the community office(only on weekends , as this is mainly for community member but in my presence you can join)

* Fridge

* Microwave for quick cooking (In my presence, to make sure nothing is being damaged)

* Washing machine & dryer

* Gossips(CS stories)
* Orlando travel guidance

-------------------Additional Info----------------------

I am working profession from 9am-6pm. So its better if you can crash at my place after 7pm on weekdays or anytime on weekends. Unfortunately I dont drive and I dont have vehicle so I wont be able to take you for city exploring, however we can definitely go along in Bus. If you are willing to go to Seaword-orlando, I can join you on weekend, as I have annual pass till Dec15. I can definitely guide you how to utilize one day seaworld ticket effectively to cover complete adventure.

Other information for guests:

Private Guest Room (with Private Guest Bathroom)

I have got a big couch.

I do have extra Twin mattres.

2 sleeping bags , and big Comforter. Floor carpet is so good that some time I also prefer to sleep on floor.

Public transport:

Public transport is poor in orlando comparative to top cities in USA. I suggest all guests rent a car if it fits your budget. Bus has stoppage after every minute.

1# Lynx central > Catch Bus 104 towards UCF Campus Superstop > Get down at "N Alafaya Trail and Orpington Street"(41 stops, 39 minute) > Walk in the opposite direction of the bus for 10 minute, I stay near to 'Joseph church'. Call me once you arrive.

2 # Orlando MCO International airport option 1 > catch Bus 4362 towards "Fern Park Transfer Center" > Get down at "N Semoran Boulevard and Claude Avenue"(37 stop, 35 minute) > Walk 3 minute for "E Colonial Drive and Barton Drive" bus stop > Refer #1(39th stop, 29 minute)

3# Orlando MCO International airport option 2 > catch Bus 11 towards "Lynx Central Station Terminal" > Get down at "Lynx Central Station Terminal"(49 stops, 37 minute) > Refer #1

House Rules:
No drugs.

* No drugs at all
* No pets
* No ammunition
* No illegal activities
* No unregistered guests allowed
* We dont share the apartment key with host, as you stay with US and not privately in different/separated room.
* We dont drink alcohol, but wont mind at all if you want to drink to enjoy your stay.
* No smoking in living room, use patio if you want
* Since we do a cooking for our guest, we don't encourage/prefer the kitchen gas to be used by guest for cooking.