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pettergoldstine Petter Alexander Goldstine

About me

I have been living and working at an alternative boarding school in the south of England since 2010. I teach environmental education and photography along with being a house parent to four boys. It's a busy life. I'm interested in all things related to fermentation and food, outdoor self reliance skills, the fine arts and I'm learning to play the banjo. Because it is a community I live in and there are children it is difficult to have guests unfortunately. But sometimes it can work out in the summer. If you want to stay it is required by the community that you do a minimum of four hours of work for room and board.

Spoken languages

  • English Mother Tongue
  • Norwegian Fluent
  • Spanish Beginner
  • Dutch Beginner

My interests


Playing, reading, laughing, learning, biking, running, smiling, sitting, creating, questioning, fermenting, experiencing, becoming becoming becoming.Chocolate, could chocolate be a hobby?Following and leading simultaneously.Learning how to observe the world rotating in relation to the sun by using the terms sunsight and sunclipse instead of sunrise and sunset (words that assume the world is flat).Oh, and gardening.


prison writings: the roots of civilisation- abdullah ocalan, the hero with a thousand faces- joseph campbell, the peoples history of the united states of america- howard zinn, grapes of wrath- john steinbeck, paris spleen- charles baudelaire, sarajevo marlboro- miljenko jergovich, the art of seeing- aldous huxly, the fat baby- eugene richards, the master and margarita- mihial bulgakov, true tales of american life- paul auster, if on a winters night a traveller- italo calvino, the sacred path of the warrior- chogyam trungpa, art forum, impro- keith johnstone, franny and zooey- jd salenger, siddhartha- herman hesse, crime and punnishment- fydor dostoevsky, silence- john cage, jonathan livingston seagull- richard bach, jitterbug perfume & still life with woodpecker- tom robbins, pimp- iceberg slim, buddha mind in contemporary art, cometbus, zuan falun- li hongzi, the spell of the sensous- david abrams, walking the line- richard long, the dubliners- james joyce, the tao of physics- fritjof capra, after theory- terry eagleton, the omnivores dilemma and botany of desire- michael pollan, the fountainhead- ayn rand


colleen, joanna newsome, beirut, prefuse 73, god speed you black emporer, loop troop, the goldberg variations, blood brothers, madonna, fela kuti, miles davis, woody guthrie, june of 44, calexico, yo la tengo, rachel's, matmos, the roots, nina simone, sage francis, nick drake, fugazi, refused, the books, q and not u, jolie holland, john coltrane, j-church, gil scott-heron, eric satier, DAM-the first palestinian rap crew, baran kurd, lightning bolt, drive like jehu, the quad city dj's, dahlia seed, cat power, the dirty three, sleater kinney, giwan hajo, the magnetic fields, caP 'n Jazz, kaizers orchestra, mulatu astatke, the smiths, chicago underground, james brown, a silver mount zion, dusty springfield, curtis mayfield, john denver, ali farka toure, coco rosie, the evens...


my dinner with andre, and harold and maude are by far at the top of my list followed by such projects as, the legend of billy jean, dark days, baraka, the blairwitch project, team america, the idiots, suburbia, zelig, battle royale, fitzcarraldo, the holy mountain, faust by svankemeyer, underground, the hidden fortress, the blues brothers, ferris buellers day off, blazing saddles, magnolia, rushmore, groundhogs day, can't buy me love, singing in the rain, pi, the power of nightmares, la commune...

Travel experiences

Past trips:

I have stayed with many strangers over the years; Gutterpunks in Prague Squats, Guerrillas in the Kandil mountains, An old Muslim family on the Mount of Olives and a family of Gypsies in the village of Zece Pragine. Walked across Norway and drove around the States. Strangely, the most profound trip was with out moving, when I sat on the side of a mountain in a circle of stones, fasting for four days. that was a trip.

Planned trips:

A year long bicycle tour throughout Europe.

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word. i like to cook.



here, there, but not everywhere (in this case).same name.



i like it.

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Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

three days

I Live With:

my girlfriend and about 100 other people in the community, most of which are teenagers.

Please bring:

questions, your toiletries and an adventure story

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour, A dinner.

cooking, questions, creativity, their own room, maybe a bike

I can offer my hosts:

motivation, house and garden work, dialogue, cooking and baking skills, outdoor skills.

Other information for guests:

There are lots of teenagers about so it's important to be an understanding and responsible human.

Public transport:

I live in the countryside, there is a bus which stops nearby about five times a day.

House Rules:
No smoking, No alcohol, No drugs.


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