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petre Petr anytime

About me

Very original person :-)

To be ordinary is like to be dead. BUT I AM FULLY ALIVE!!

See also http://www.couchsurfing.org/people/petr_

Spoken languages

  • Czech Mother Tongue
  • English Expert
  • Polish Expert
  • Russian Expert
  • Slovak Expert
  • Spanish Beginner
  • Belarusian Beginner
  • Serbian Beginner

My interests


I am writing a book,,, I am a photographer.... I am interested in everything, from psychology to astronomy, biology, geography, You... - just name it!







Organisations I belong to:

I don't need to be in any...

Travel experiences

Past trips:

sailing across the ocean... living on a sailboat for 3 years... Iran, Kamchatka, Plato Putorana, most of Europe, 48 US states, Cuba, caribbean etc...

Planned trips:

New Zealand, India

Belongs to the following groups


yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

One hour to one hundred years...

I Live With:

in my Prague appt: alone
at the Mlejn community in a wooded valley near Prague: I have my own appartment there, the community has 12-20 people
in my Ostrava house: usually I am subletting parts of the house to art school students

Please bring:

Just Yourself. Wine will make socializing easier, but it is up to Your free will if You brig any :)

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour, A dinner.

interesting environment... my attention... stories... photos from travels... piano, guitar, accordeon...

I can offer my hosts:

stories... photos from travels... wine... language lessons...

Other information for guests:

I will love to host You! Just keep in mind that I am not a hostel: I expect at least a mild interest in me

Public transport:

Prague appt: trams every 3 minutes in all directions...
Mlejn: bus every hour on weekdays, every 2-3 hours on weekends. Last bus 0:35 every day
Ostrava: buses every 20-30 minutes