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pat2com Patrick Baron

About me

I love travelling, discovering and meet people. I use to write (in French) poesy and philosophy and like (but actually I do not talk a lot about it...) to share my writing with people. It's the best way to really know me. I'm friendly and confident, all the time, and like to serve. I have a lot of skill, as computer, house holding, management, design... I also like giving massage, cooking and test every kind of food. I am a jack of all trades ;)

I host a lot of people and I answer to a lot of requests. I have an agenda into the couch info section to simplify things for me and others but most of guys don't see it or don't success to load it... So here is again: https://www.google.com/calendar/b/0/embed?src=pat2com@gmail.com&ctz=Asia/Makassar
PLEASE, consult it first before requesting. Thanks!

Look around you, there is always something or someone to feel or to learn from, there will always be someone to give...

My profile on CouchSurfing:

Spoken languages

  • French Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • Indonesian Intermediate

My interests


Because I'm curious of everything, anything can interest me. I love walking in nature or in the city. And I also love dancing as an act of creation inside an emotive bubble...
I enjoy all kind of style if it's well done.

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Lived in France.
Algeria, China, El Salvador, Greece, Guadeloupe, Madagascar, Philippines, Reunion, Thailand, Turkey

Planned trips:



never ask
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

As my son in law is came back living with her mother and I in Bali, the room is any more free...

I Live With:

I'm living with my wife, lovely cats and an equally a femal dog and her puppies.

Please bring:

I'll enjoy genuine, sincere, true people...

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour, A dinner.

You will not need to share your surface sleeping.
You will share the room only if there is 1 person I give a couch during the same period and only with the agreement of both of you.
As we have 2 rooms in the house we offer one with mattress and accommodations. We have another mattress if necessary. We furnish the sheets.
For information my girlfriend smokes while I stopped more than one year ago by now. So you can ;)
I enjoy walking and going off tracks. Following my schedule, I'll love share this adventure with you.
You'll be at home as in your own place, with respect. Feel free to use the kitchen and the bathroom as you want. As we never close the house, you'll be free to go in and out of the house any time without the need of key.

I can offer my hosts:

Just me, as I am :)
And If there's something you'd like I bring for you, just let me know!

Other information for guests:

First of all check here my availability:
1 person - There is still a place but I have to ask to the present surfer if he's agree. So maybe...
2 people and more - It's already full.
Absent - We are not here
Unavailable - as is written
If empty... you're definitively lucky ;)

Public transport:

I'm living in the south of Denpasar, close to Sanur (40' walk) which is on the seaside.There is no urban public transport at this moment, except a circular bus going until Nusa Dua. Otherwise there's also some bemos, kind of minibus without directions stop and schedules...
You'll have to take a taxi from the airport. It costs 85.000Rp but first you have to make the price clear for the taxi driver or prepaid at the office next to the arrival door on your right.
The house is not in a touristic place, so you'll need to rent a motorbike or a bicycle, or take a taxi if yo want to move around.