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We just moved from Couchsurfing to Bewelcome! please check our CS Profile for references... We are students (Noe is a lawyer and studying to be a law proffesor, and Fran studies electric engineering, for electric issues... please contact him) , we're both 26, we live also with our 7 year old dog, Tomas, who is a weimaraner, huge and... intensive... it's important for us that you get along well with dogs if you wanna stay with us. We like to do many things at home, we love to cook and we are trying to improve little by little our house to turn it into a home, if you are good painting or repairing things...be welcome! We live outside the city, just in the border, in Avellaneda, there is not much to see around, the bus stop it's just 2 blocks away, takes 30min to go to the congress, la boca and san telmo, 40 min to Recoleta and 60min to Palermo... Please add in your request that you want to stay in Tomas' couch in Avellaneda so we know you are aware of this (you will not stay at his couch for real...)

Spoken languages

  • Spanish Mother Tongue
  • English Expert
  • French Can only say Welcome!
  • Portuguese (br) Can only say Welcome!

My interests


We love photography, cooking, brewing beer... and our 2013 goal is to make home made chocolate and cheese! (someone is getting seriously fat this year....)


*********Cortazar*******, García Marquez, Borges, Michele Petit, Phillip Merieu...


all kind of music... jazz and rock specially... but we've been into Chilean and Uruguayan (?) bands latelly....


Amelie on top of the list (Noe)... I just love it... and I have this serious problem with You've got mail and Sleepless in Seatle, please dont judge me (Noe)... and of course we're serious fans of Die Hard, Scarface, The Godfather (Fran), and any movie where The Transporter has a part (Noe ;))...(Have you seen "Safe"... be ready to hold your breath!) I'm studying to become a teacher, so I also falled for: Machuca, Behind the blackboards and Die Welle (the wave)

Organisations I belong to:

Poder Ciudadano - Couchsurfing - Hospitality Club

Travel experiences

Past trips:

We've travelled a lot inside Argentina, we've also being to Uruguay, Brasil and Chile together... Francisco also travelled to Brazil, and Noelia to EUA, Canada, Mexico, Bolivia, Peru and Spain

Planned trips:

Planning our trip to Spain and France, and still dreaming about the rest of Europe.... and Australia, Africa, Asia ( AAA =O!)

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Buenos Aires

vivimos en BA!



quiero ir a las llamadas! necesito aliados y alojamiento!!!


yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

we usually agree in 3 days, but depending on the case this might change

I Live With:

I live with my boyfriend, Francisco, and our Weimaraner dog, Tomas, in a huge house in Avellaneda. The house is in a first floor by stairs only
Our dog is really friendly, maybe too much...

Distances:30 min by bus to the Congress/ 30 min to San Telmo/ 30 min to Caminito y La Bombonera/ 40 min to the Pink House/ 40 to 1h to Palermo/Recoleta/ 30 min to Puerto Madero/ 30 min to Reserva Ecológica/ 1.20 to Belgrano China Town

We live in a quiet residential area, so restaurants and pubs here are a bit quiet and mostly full of families

our CS Profile: https://www.couchsurfing.org/people/noeyfran/

Please bring:

Sleeping bags or blanquets, specially if you're staying just one or 2 nights

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour, A dinner.

We'll lent you a city guide with the maps and buses, sometimes we can go with you, but most of the times, we rather host independents surfers, couples or groups who can handle to go on their own around the city. let us know if there is anything we could help you with before your trip! we love to help others make true the dream of traveling, we love to be the local friends in the unknown city!

I can offer my hosts:

Since we'll be traveling soon, we can travel with our tent, sleeping bags so it's easier for you to host us, also we're friendly and smilie, we would love to cook something for you, or share mate with you! (of course...we'll be travling with the mate... yes we know it's hot hot summer in Spain and France.. it's still great breakfast for us!)

Other information for guests:

We live just outside the city, sometimes we're able to show you around, others, you'll have to discover the city yourself....so we rather host independent guests.

Public transport:

There are several buses (2 blocks from home: 20,37,45,79; 8 blocks: 85,93; 10 blocks: 51)

House Rules:
No smoking, No drugs.

1-Gifts it's not a must, but they are always welcome!!!! And traditional meals from your country/family...etc... it's always fun to try something new! (we like candies and wine ;))
2-Please add in the couch request the line: "Tomas's couch in Avellaneda" so we know you read this info, and you're aware that you'll be outside the city and shareing the house with a dog as well!
3-You can use any of the kitchen stuff, just leave everything as you found it.

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