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migdal-or Dmitry

About me

A 33-year-old guy, a bit drowned in his work, but enjoying life. I'm an IT guy, Linux-user, free software, soldering iron, wires and networks.
I live in Moscow. I like my city though there are some bad things about it. I participate in Russian political life. I like bicycles and ride a scooter. I'm Jewish, I eat kosher food. That means: vegetables, fruits, beef, mutton, poultry, fish, eggs and so on. But at all no pork, no insects, no mixture of meat+milky (including cheese, cream, butter), no blood, no seafood. I have an allergy on millet.
I own a little herd of 4 cute domestic rats. They are fun, intelligent, loving and joyful. Tell me if you are afraid of rodents.
I love to schedule in forward all my trips detailed by an hour.
I always prefer guests who care about exploring the city by themselves, so I can just help instead of organizing all their schedule. Such guest I also want to be.
couchsurfing profile: https://www.couchsurfing.com/users/3401457/profile

Spoken languages

  • Russian Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • French Intermediate
  • Hebrew Beginner
  • Chinese (Simplified) Beginner

My interests


I'm an IT guy, I like puzzle out technical problems, software or hardware. Well, that's my job. Cool coincidence!


Vladimir Nabokov. Dostoevsky, but not Tolstoi.
Should I really re-type all that list with Kerouak, Remarque, Kafka, Palanic, Pratchett, Eco, Jerome, Lem, Chosich, Gaiman, Thomas Mann, Akutagava, Melville, Wodehouse, Peter Høeg, Evelyn Waugh, Borges and so on? Oh shi... I've done that


not really into


Oh yes. Dogville by Lars von Trier, for first, second and third place. Others by Lars, but also other authors. Mostly art-house

Organisations I belong to:

local elections observers communities in Moscow

Travel experiences

Past trips:

France + Monaco in 2004, China 2006, India 2007, Turkey 2013, Norway 2013, some regions of Russian Federation, Israel 2014, Hungary 2014, Ukraine

Planned trips:

France, Israel, United States, NZ, Italy, Middle Asia, Southern Asia, we'll see


Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

2 weeks

I Live With:

my son, he is 13

Please bring:

food to share, perhaps?

I can offer my guests:

a separate room, with a bed suitable for 2 persons, and a couch. bed linen. wifi. kitchen. tea. bicycles, probable? ask me for more

I can offer my hosts:

food, stories, souvenirs from Russia

Other information for guests:

A central and beautiful, yet sometimes noisy street in Moscow. 10 minutes walking to Kremlin and most central sights.

Public transport:

my place is located at the very center of Moscow, it is easy to find

House Rules:
No smoking, No drugs.

smoking allowed outside, on the street, with no exclusions, regardless on weather or daytime

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