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Who I am? Everyone has own point of view. Following description shows how I grew up and what I am thinking about life.My childhood and youth till I didn't do anything special was pretty long. My first working and traveling (by my own) experience was in summer 2004, when I went with a friend on "Work and travel in USA". Two months of working (pedicab driver) and one traveling (southwest) started my will to travel. Meeting great people from Youth organisation Plusko (first camp and exchange) showed me the way of active life, which I didn't know before. That summer I went also on Roadtrip and InterRail, mainly thanks to support from my parents. Erasmus (Braganca, Portugal), Eurizons (huge experience and great collective), EVS (9 months in Ranua, Finland) and traveling home through Norway with HC and Couchsurfing gave me abilitz to be more open and get to know people much deeper. would like to be at least during winter in Slovakia and then maybe travel/internship/woof/voluntary work somewhere in Asia, Latin America or will see :).For more informations and photos please visit my website www.michalknitl.com

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  • Slovak Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • Spanish Fluent
  • Czech Fluent

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