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memento_26 Pascal Kälin

About me

What i expect from you, IF you are expecting a couch at my place:


1) PLEASE read my whole profile carefully

2) SEND me an official couch request!!

3) IF you are an experienced bewelcomer (more than 25 references (positive only)) just send me when and how long and i will have a look on it!!
IF you are a new (less than 25 references) i would like to know, what's the reason you think you fit my couch!!

3) USE the password

* BeWelcome, IS NOT A FREE BED! it is much more! so please be polite and read my profile!!

Thank you very much and happy 2016!!


- playing with my daughter and learn from her!

I'm not 26..but i decided to be for the rest of my life!! :D

Personal description:
- I'm currently living in Medellin for some while or forever
- If I tell you everything about me, you'll be reading this description for weeks. Not because I have such a interesting life but still ther's a lot to talk about me...

So lets not do that. :)

To summarize... I was working for SWISSAIR (yes the Airline who was Grounded 2011), diAx & sunrise (Telco) and for the Swiss Army. While i was working for the Army, i was traveling quiet a bit and finally after 3 years of Backpacking i stranded in Medellin where Maria Elena, today the mam of our beautiful daughter crossed my way in January 2011. In august 2011 i went back to Switzerland to get a new Job, saving some money to go back to Colombia.

I'm passionate photographer, like to hang out at home, watch movies or cook something together with Maria and our friends. Also nightlife in Medellin is great and it is a lot of fun to join other people which having crazy nights outside.

And couple things more.. I may look a bit crazy on my pictures but not worries it is also totally easy to have good conversations with me :) The only problem i have is, when I warm up, nothing can stop me. :) So, if you end up into arguing with me about taste of wine, music, whatever... just enjoy it. It's fun at it's best. :

More about me? You really need to know more about me? OK.... .


Spoken languages

  • German Mother Tongue
  • Swiss German Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent
  • Spanish Intermediate

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Argentina, Austria, Bolivia, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, France, Germany, Hungary, India, Laos, Malaysia, Monaco, Myanmar (Burma), Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United States, Uruguay, Vietnam, Israel, Belgium, Slovakia

Planned trips:

Brazil, China, Costa Rica, Cuba, Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Mongolia, Norway, Paraguay, Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela

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..because...i like to help people out if they need help


Colombia !

i life in Medellin

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Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

We would prefer if your stay is between 3-4 nights.

We are more than happy to host you last minute but there must be a reason..

I Live With:

- my family (Samira 3years and Maria bit older )

Please bring:

Well we can provide you with bed cover, towels etc...but we would prefer when you bring your own sleeping bad and stuff

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour, A dinner.

- if we have time we can show you around. There is a car and we can use it but at least we will ask you to cover part of the gasoline costs

Public transport:

Public Transport:
There is public transport from and to Medellin on a regular base. The bus will drop you off in walking distance (between 750m and 450m) from the house.

House Rules:
No drugs.

What we expect from you:
- Sharing your stories with us
- sharing the costs of food
- cooking for everybody
.....more to follow