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I think/ hope that i am an openminded Person who is interested in things that are hapening in or world. I love to hear Storys and advetures of other people (but only If they are true....because i am realy hating lies)

Sometimes I may seame a bit confused and absend-minded but i proofe to take care about the people arround me.

I really love beeing in nature (likely mountains and/or Woods), passionated (because of my studies) to visit museum and abolutly would like to live next to a lake where i can jump into whenever i want;)

Spoken languages

  • German Mother Tongue
  • English Intermediate
  • Italian Intermediate

My interests


Travelling, what else; my Violoncello, I love to inform myself what is going on in the World(politics and social changes), spending my days in the Museum watching old stuff( I'm studying restoration and conservation of sculptures and Paintings, so its more or less a occupational illness..) right now feminism and bodypositivity is an important thing for me. i think its so important for us to live together, that everyone respect each other despite gender, color, religion etc. beeing a white woman i try to acknowledge my privileges and the ones other people around me don't have and i hope people do the same for me and respect when i tell that i feel discriminated in a situation. I try to do the same.


Astrid Lindgren (always an forever), Michael Ende, Edgar Allan Poe, Terry Prattchet, Walter Moers, T.C. Boyle, Stefan Zweig, Dickens, Jonathan Safran Foer, Douglas Adams, Le guin, Marjan Satrapi, books on feminism and politics (Mithu Sagnal,Margarethe Storkowski, etc. and a LOOT more


Very electic.... First of ALL Xavier Rudd and Jaqueline duPre (her Elgar cello concerto interpretaion is SO nice), then ...Beirut, Simon and Garfunkle, Pink Floyd, 17 Hippies, Katzenjammer, Asaf Avidan and the Mojos(and also without the Mojos), Bob Dylan, Diana Krall, Dobacarol, John Butler Trio, but I also love to hear classical music, Jazz in common ....


the Godfather, Clockwork Orange, La bella Vita, Elling, Monthy Python, Once, Adams Äpfel, Amelie, The rocky Horror picture show,Chocolat.......

Organisations I belong to:

till now I'm not in an organisation, because during my studies its hard to find some time and i am not a person which is just 20% into the things i am doing...

Travel experiences

Past trips:

Montenegro, there we hiked the mountains on the long-distance walking trail "PPT", I traveled a bit around Italy during my internship in Florence,
Finnland, Praghue,I cycled through Iran in january(really cold but so beautiful!!!!), hiking in the Dolomite alps, to an indian Wedding in Varanasi,
from Poland via Romania to budapest with bicycles, Pyrenaes there we hiked partly the GR11

Planned trips:

Georgia (the country), quite soon in december.wuiiiii!
France?, eastern Europe??, Iran?again? Ireland?... We will see. time and money and time are unfortunately really short!!!:/

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Köln - Cologne, Germany

I'm living here (:


yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

It depends on my flatmates, my time and your wishes. So we can talk about everything

I Live With:

3 other beautiful human beings and a lot of plants in my room.;) and then there is also my violoncello which will be played every once in a wile....
We live in a quite big flat with a tiny little kitchen but there is a big living room and a balcony. In the living room are two couches, one for short persons and one for medium to tall persons. my room, sadly, is quite smal and full (10m² and a lot of plants and my cello..;) ) but even there is some space for a mattress..

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour, A dinner.

Nearly everything to have a warm night:) in winter you should bring some warm socks because our ground is really cold...
Sadly the flat is not accessible for a wheelchair even though we live on the groundfloor. there a still 4 steps to come inside. thats really sad indeed. but i still could guide you around and could try to help you with the slightly crazy and not really wheelchair friendly cologne tram network.,,,

I can offer my hosts:

cakes, a meal, stories, laughs .....

Public transport:

there is plenty of public transport nearby, but i have nearly no experience because i looove my bicycle. But we will have some guest-bikes which you can probably use....

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