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About me

Very inexperiened with bewelcome. But I've had a few good years on couchsurfing - I'm getting more and more afraid of using it though so I'm trying to become more active here. Since I have no references on BeWelcome, feel free to check out my CS account if you wish [https://www.couchsurfing.com/people/mariefischer]. I know this website promotes deeper connections through exploration, but I also open my home to hitchhikers and trainhoppers who might just need a couch and a shower. References would still be appreciated but I've had enough off-internet visits to feel comfortable with just a well-thought-out request and thoroughly filled-in profile.

I take care of my younger sister nearly full-time and somehow find additional time for leading an art class at the local youth center, working in a thrift shop, baking cakes and sometimes more! Please note: I am often quite busy. I'd love to show you around if I have the time, but sometimes the most I can offer is some chats over tea before bed.

I adore traveling but rarely have time to do so (see: above) but "travel" vicariously through the people who stay with me. I'm planning a trip to Texas this spring and possibly to the UK and Czech Republic mid-to-late-summer.

Spoken languages

  • English Mother Tongue
  • German Intermediate
  • Spanish Can only say Welcome!
  • Welsh Can only say Welcome!

My interests


Cooking, baking, art (mostly viewing these days,) coffee, wine, beer, cocktails, live music, concerts, games (board and video)


recent/current books: Station Eleven, Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits, You Deserve a Drink, the Hawkline Monster -- I've gotten pretty terrible at reading since finishing my bachelor's degree... currently looking for recommendations to get me back into reading :)


The White Stripes, The Hives, Wild Beasts, H Hawkline, We Are Scientists, David Bowie, The Beatles, Townes Van Zandt, -- I adore jazz (Miles, Monk, Ornette, Coltrane, as well as some modern, local folks) and all kinds of rock.



I'm not sure if I have much of a discerning palette for films, but I will give almost anything a try. I particularly love documentaries, historical dramas, "independent" films and the occasional action film. I generally don't like musicals but I must admit my favorite movie is Moulin Rouge... I try not to be quite so hypocritical in the rest of my choices :)

Travel experiences

Past trips:

All over the US (Tennessee, California and Montana are among my favorites), Toronto, Uruguay, London, Wales

Planned trips:

England, Wales, Prague, Austria?

Belongs to the following groups


Cheap Travels

Always looking for genuine experiences... it helps if they are free/cheap :)


Twin Cities, MN

Live a ways south of the cities but want to stay in touch with the nomadic-inclined communities there :)


yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

A couple days is fine. Any more might be tricky.

I Live With:

Three roommates, male and female, all very kind and enjoy sharing

Please bring:

Sleeping bag and towel if possible. Interesting beers, food, coffee from your home would be a lot of fun!

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour, A dinner.

Air mattress and couch in a living room, some sheets/blankets, pillows, towels, kitchen access.

I can offer my hosts:

Dinner or baking. Usually have some cool beers to share as well. I can bring you some art if you're into that.

Other information for guests:

I have a fairly busy schedule with work so I might not be around as much as I would like when hosting. I'll always be within a short distance though in case you need something.

Public transport:

I don't drive. House is close to downtown Northfield, there is a bus to and from Minneapolis that runs 4-5 times a day, $15 one way.

House Rules:

Two roommates are bakers with odd schedules, we usually have fairly quiet nights. No cigarettes in the house but smoking is fine on the enclosed porch. There is also light 420 usage in the house, please be aware if you are sensitive to this.

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