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The best way to know someone is to meet them in person and I am not exception to that golden rule..I have been hosted as well as accepting guests outside of any official network for ages,only by ear and am still doing it now.I don't believe that anyone should"apply" for couch.Hospitality is fundamental human trait,often forgotten now a days.
Before I joined BW,I was active member and still am for many years on Couchsurfing and Hospitalityclub as well.The former one ,I got serious disappointment with for the obvious reasons,the latter one looks so sad ,abounded ,dormant,although I bump in to great people on it from time to time.My user ID on both of them is LUAAY.That is my real name in real life as well.Feel free to find me there,read comments of me etc.

I see myself as taboo opener,Lover of Alternative History,Alternative News,Alternative LIFE.One,among other reasons why I joined this wonderful website.
Strong believer in cultural exchange!I strive for better world,for unity,love,tolerance and understanding within humanity.In strangers I see new friends whom I haven't met yet,including you.

At the moment,traveling full-time in search of high adventures and great stories to tell!

Somewhere along the way in life I gave up a sedentary lifestyle and hit
the road, always moving somewhere new, seeking new experiences.
I wanna be the conscience of humanity,wherever I go.
Please don't ask me when I am going to stop travelling, I will stop when its time to stop. I won't know until I get there. Hope to see you somewhere along the way.

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Spoken languages

  • Serbian Mother Tongue
  • English Expert
  • Russian Intermediate
  • German Beginner
  • Chinese (Simplified) Can only say Welcome!

My interests


Social justice and change,improving people's Karmas,sustainable living, green building,organic agriculture, veganism,nonfiction writing,natural fibers,Bible,linguistic,ethnic minorities,God's love and care,Nature,All kinds of mythology particularly Irish and Siberian,Picking pennies from the street,Russia,China,Hiking in the Woods at night,War,Wars,Dictators,Anthropology,ethnic cultures and cuisines,Propaganda,Hitchhiking, Helping People,Philosophy,History,Hitchhiking,Writing,Colonel Kaddafi,Biographies of common personas,Psychology,Goat milk,Contemporary arts,Hitchhiking,TRAVELLING,TRAVELLING,TRAVELLING!

p.s. Did I mention hitchhiking and travelling?:)


Led by Destiny: Hitchhiking Around the World by Kinga Freespirit,Znakovi pored puta (Serbian),The Green Book-Muammar El Gaddafi(RIPâ¥),Sex and Character,Bible,Na rubu pameti (Croatian),Patriarchs and Prophets,Great Controversy,Dare to stand alone,Esenin,Der Steppenwolf,Solzhenitsyn ...


Katie Melua,Coolio,Sting,Lindsey Stirling,Michael Jackson,Roxette,Scorpions,Prodigy,Dandy Warhols,Randy Crawford, LL cool J,Djordje Balasevic (Serbian), Beatles,Enya,ColdPlay,Caracol,Sash,DMX,Sektor Gaza (Russian),Nina Simone,Mozart,Jadranka Stojakovic (Yugoslavia),John Lenon,Bon Jovie,Hans Zimmer,Bob Marley,80's music,Munu Chao,Pet Shop Boys,Crvena Jabuka (Yugoslavia),Soho Dolls,Brothers Four,Gold Guns Girls,Kino-Victor Tsoi (USSR),Sash,Leny Kravitz,Lambada,Oriental music etc.


Into the wild,Shawshank Redemption,Coming to America,Terminator 1,Prince of Egypt,Cabaret Balkan,Mephisto,Finding Forester,Leaving Las Vegas,8mm,Pay it forward,Last Samurai,For reacher and poorer,Life is beautiful,Red heat,Dirty pretty things,Chinatown,Constant Gardener,Malena,25th hour,Sunshine,Rudyard Kipling etc.

Organisations I belong to:

I am puzzled when people ask me where I come from. Because I never know what to answer. When asked "where is home?" I've understood that the correct answer is "home is here my heart is". Problem: my heart is everywhere. So I do have a very big house. Everywhere.
In Taipei, as it is my favourite world metropolis. In luscious green Oregon, because that's what paradise looks like. In Wulong karst China ,scattered across amazing landscape ,river and mystic valley ,one of the most gorgeous places on Earth.
My home is also found on the shores of Baikal Lake,most cleanest lake on Earth, on the boats of its fishermen and in the farms of local people.
My home is captured somewhere between the trees of Siberian Taiga.
My passport doesn't testify where my home is ,my home is rather "Planet Earth". I'm a nomad. I'm just passing through. Coming, leaving, coming back.. Because I know there's always a road waiting for me somewhere.

Travel experiences

Past trips:

2007 Silk Road-Central Asia-Kyrgyzstan-Uygur province China.

2010-2011,I covered approximately 35 States in USA mostly by hitchhiking.13000+ km by thumb and wrote book about it!

I hitchhiked from Hong Kong to Sochi -Southern Russia-Eastern Black Sea cost ,10000km approximate distance,within 5 months,volunteered,worked along the way ,lived in Mongolian ger,lived in my tent on famous,gorgeous Baikal Lake in Siberia.Unforgettable time!


Austria, Bahrain,Burma Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Cambodia,Cuba, Dominican Republic, Egypt, France, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Mongolia, Montenegro, Netherlands, Oman, Poland, Qatar, Russian Federation, Slovenia, Sudan, Taiwan, Turkey, South Korea,Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom,Vietnam


Canada, Croatia, Japan, Serbia, United States

Planned trips:

Whole planet&Heaven-in to Lord's hands.

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Board Games

nice way to spare time,kill time



i want to live in China in future,it is my long distance goal. I am particularly interested in Southern Chinese provinces and its minorities.



CS refugee,disappointed in CS,ran away from CS

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Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

Forever :)

I Live With:

Friends,roomates,sometimes alone

I can offer my guests:
A dinner.

As part of my own gratitude for their hospitality to me and their generally welcoming,helpful,open hearten-unreserved nature spirit,mentality,philosophy,mindset and so on, people from the following countries will be almost instantly accepted and will be provided any other assistance they deem necessary:
CHINA,TAIWAN,RUSSIA (including but not limited to :
Everybody from these countries will have extra priority when sending a request and will get all the help I can possibly offer.

I can teach you how to hitchhike,trust me-it is easier then you think!Anybody can do it.
All it takes is 60% brain,30%faith and 10% luck.
I think every human has that.

I can offer my hosts:

I am vegetarian who dislikes caffeine,nicotine and most of all alcohol.
I have my own:
sleeping bag,tent,other necessary gear.
All I really need is 2m of space - I am staying with YOU - where I sleep is of little concern to me.

*Please note that I do not pay for accommodation out of principle -
I am not that extreme to travel with no money but I prefer to spend it on different ways like paragliding,helping poor etc.. not on luxury overpriced hotels.
I think there is more than enough space for everyone in this world. There is ALWAYS somewhere to sleep for free*

If you are busy I am perfectly happy to do my own thing - I like to explore a city by walking and people watching is something I love.
If you are less busy I will wash your dishes (100% guaranteed-love doing it),learn from you how to cook your favorite dish or maybe learn some skill or trade that you practice.

Other information for guests:

Travelling for an undetermined time!
When I find my new home, I'll open my doors to surfers again!
See you on the road! :)
And, yeah, you can join me at any part of my journey and surf at my tent or hammock, a sleeping bag is required. :)

"It is more blessed to give then to receive"
"Give what you want to receive"

Welcome to my home!

House Rules:
No smoking, No alcohol, No drugs.

Use common sense.
Treat me the same way ,you wish to be treated-simple,isn't it?

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