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I can offer a good bed and share good meals, You are welcome.
Just remember that i work regularly, so i can be with you only in evening and sometimes half a day (tuesday afternoon and thursday morning; also weekend but only to go outside town), you leave when i leave in the morning. cooking for dinner is shared.
You can find all details on
http://i.trail.it/BW including the address to which send your requests.
I ask you to send me requests via email.
Messages sent on BW site have 75% less chances to be accepted.
Note that i will reply from a different address than the ones in the profile, so be careful with your spam filters.

Spoken languages

  • English Expert
  • Spanish Expert
  • Italian Expert
  • French Beginner

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"He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither. People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both. [B. Franklin]"


yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

Minimum 2 maximum 4 days (exceptions possible for single people or last minute requests).
I do not accept request from individuals (or couples) more than 6 weeks in advance (to give more space for larger groups that have less choices of finding an host for all the group together !)

All updated details, the days that I can host and the best way to send a request can be find on : http://i.trail.it/BW

including the address to which send your requests.
As 30/12/2018 BW is not yet GDPR compliant so i ask people to use only direct email. I will reply only via email or phone.

Please bring:


I can offer my guests:
A guided tour, A dinner.

bedsheets and blankets, free internet, bicycle storage

Public transport:

20 minutes to center either bus or S-train

House Rules:
No smoking.

see http://i.trail.it/BW for temporary restrictions.
I will ignore any request that does not include an e-mail address _and_ a phone number to reply.
more informations/rules/suggestions on http://i.trail.it/rulen.html
It is custom to share dinner and cooking is on rotation. If you have special dietary constrains please either bend your habits or be here at a time early enough to be able to prepare dinner for everyone.

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