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About me

Basicamente nomade, basicamente el papa de Federica, basicamente amante del futbol, basicamente soñador, basicamente un ser humano..

Basically nomade, basically Federica's father, basically soccer fan, basically dreamer, basically a human being..

Dificil de explicar lo que soy, ya que creo que pocas personas lo pueden hacer realmente. Soy un viajero. Soy fanatico del cine. Soy fanatico del chocolate. Hay muchas cosas en casa, pero solo me importa lo que entra en la mochila. Soy fanatico del mundo y de todas las cosas que lo llenan. Y soy fanatico de la gente que lo recorre y que pasa por casa algunas noches... He recibido mucho de la gente que hemos conocido en nuestros viajes y cuando estoy en casa quiero devolver un poco.

Hard to explain what I am, and I think few people can actually do. I am a traveler. I'm a movie fanatic. I am a fan of chocolate. There are many things at home, but I only care about what goes into the backpack. I am a fan of the world and of all things that fill it. And I'm a fan of people that runs and returns home some nights ... I received a lot of the people we have met in our travels and when I'm home I want to return a little.


1. Una vida... es una oportunidad (one life, one chance)

2. Ante la duda la respuesta siempre es si (In case of doubt, Yes!)

3. Cuanto por todo el mundo? (How much is the world?)

4. Nunca mas seremos tan jóvenes como somos hoy (we will never be as young as we are today)

Spoken languages

  • Spanish Mother Tongue
  • English Fluent

My interests


Me interesa mucho conocer sobre nuevas culturas y las experiencias que gente de otros lugares tiene para compartir. Me interesa mucho la vida silvestre y las experiencias al aire libre. Me encantan los libros, pero creo que eso ya lo conte en otro lado.

I am very interested to know about new cultures and experiences that people have shared elsewhere. I very interested in wildlife and outdoor experiences. I love books, but I think we already contained elsewhere.

... And also I am very interested foreign meals cooked at home!


- The Millenium trilogy wrotte by Stieg Larsson (Lisbeth Salander rules).
- Atrapa tu sueño (wrotte by the Zapp family, great book for travellers, and for those who want to be one)
- The never ending story (By Michael Ende)
- El Principito (of course)
- Song of Fire and Ice from George RR Martin
- Stephen King's books


Pearl Jam, Eddie Vedder, Reggae, Joaquin Sabina, Folklore Argentino, The XX, Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, 2Cellos, Clasic Music, James Blunt


- Into the wild
- Y a tu mama tambien
- 300
- Point of break
- Soul kitchen
- Los Edukadores
- Before Sunrise and Before Sunset
- Lost in traslation

Travel experiences

Past trips:

España, Francia, Belgica, Holanda, Alemania, Republica Checa, Austria, Italia, Mexico, Brasil, Uruguay, Bolivia

Planned trips:


yes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

I suppose a stay of 3-4 days is fine, but everything is fixed.

I Live With:

Im living alone right now

Please bring:

Sleeping bag if you can, but is not a problem if not

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour, A dinner.
Other information for guests:

I have a guest room with extra matress. I live alone. I live in a the city center of Salta, a distance of about 4 blocks from main square. Near the apartment there are many bus stops to the city center and to the bus station. I do not smoke cigarettes but I have a Nargille, I don't have problem with smoker surfers. From Monday to Friday I work within the province, and come home in the afternoon. Whenever a guest needs something, don't hesitate to contact me so I can give you a hand. I don't have problem if a surfer wants to come back late at night, everything fits. if I can not show you the city, some of my friends sure does. I suppose a stay of 3-4 days is fine, but everything is fixed.

came home to take a few mates with me!

Public transport:

I live in a the city center of Salta, a distance of about 4 blocks from main square. Near the apartment there are many bus stops to the city center and to the bus station.

House Rules:

+ Please be accurate about who is coming. Some people wait until the very last minute and say they've got an extra person coming with them. This isn't fair, please don't do it. If I say yes to you/your group then it's because I've read your profile and references and think I'll enjoy your company/learn from you. I want you to come, not you + a random person! :) [Thankfully only 1 in 10 people do this]

+ Whilst I like helping people out who are stuck for somewhere to stay at the last minute, I much prefer to have people come with plenty of notice, and stay for a couple of days so we can become friends, and enjoy a relaxing time together. I don't really want to be a "free hostel", where you come at the last minute and leave the next morning.

+ There's no need to bring any sleeping bags, tents, duvets, pillows or anything. You will have a extra matress here with fresh clean sheets. I might even be able to lend you a towel.

+ There's no need to bring any gifts like wine or chocolates, some people do and some people don't, I really won't be offended if you don't.

+ I can provide breakfast, and usually some food like pasta. I'm not a great cook, but you're welcome to eat with me. Usually I go out with my couchsurfers for a drink in the city center. If you're a wealthier guest and want to go out for dinner, then I'd be interested in doing that, there are lots of good restaurants nearby.

+ And finally, if you want to surf my couch, please use the proper couch request system rather than just sending me a message. If you send me a message I'll simply ignore it, it really isn't hard to use the site properly :)

If you put "kalenji" in your request to me I'll know right away that you've read this, and it will massively increase your chances of getting a yes ;-) [Update: these days I ignore all requests that don't include the "kalenji" bit - about 4 out of 5 people remember to put it]