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About me

I am generally easy going, but stubborn when my heart or mind is set on something. Shy around new people, but always honest (some call it rude, but thats nonsense). Maybe too quick with smart (ass?) responses. My most positive properties are a big smile (only when truly happy) and curly hair. And just so you know: I am cuter than at my pictures!

To get to know me, host me or surf my couch! To get to know me before that, check my references on couchsurfing. Many couchsurfers already wrote what they think about me so that should give a good perspective. After we met, please leave me a references here on BW because I really want to make this profile become useful.

Spoken languages

  • Dutch Mother Tongue
  • English Expert

My interests


I am always open and looking for new experiences. Therefore, I dont hold on to one thing for a long time. Not just for sports or activities, but I also love to try new tastes or meet new people. However, I always like movies. I still have so many must see movies to go.


It's not you, it's biology by Joe Quirk. My favorite book now. If you ever wondered what moves us and why men and women are different.


Music is to me like a soundtrack to a movie (the movie of my life). It sets the mood. But I cannot sit down and only listen to music, I will get bored.


I love movies. I have a projector set up to watch all my movies on the big screen. I have seen most of the movies on the IMDB top 250.

You can find a list of my favorite movies at icheckmovies. http://www.icheckmovies.com/movies/favorited/?user=jdenbrok

Organisations I belong to:

I'm not organized. No one else is like me.

Travel experiences

Past trips:

I have been in every European country except Norway, Iceland, Ireland, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Moldova. Further I have seen the USA (mostly NYC and Phoenix), Egypt, Taiwan, Malaisia, Singapore and Dubai.

Planned trips:

As you can see on my past trips, there are still so many places left to go to!
My next trip:
Rio de Janeiro, January and February 2013

Belongs to the following groups



It's my city.


wheelchairyes, i can host
Max number of guests:
Maximum length of stay:

Depends on your reasons to stay, plans and how you are.

I Live With:

Chris http://www.couchsurfing.org/people/interslice/

Please bring:

Cooking skills. I really love it if guests cook me something from their country.

I can offer my guests:
A guided tour.

Their own room, connected with glass to the living room though. A great view over the city. The room is at the 13th floor and I live downtown AND of course all the cooking equipement you need.

I can offer my hosts:

A great time. Talks, fun

Public transport:

I live right downtown. There is a bus going directly to the airport and it's a 4 minutes walk to the central station.

House Rules:
No smoking, No drugs.

Of course restrictions vary if I participate.
Dont take your friends if they dont have a profile on a hospitality site.
No pets (except for a guide/service dog). No babies.
No shoes in the house. Take off your shoes in the hallway and make sure you packed some nice socks.

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