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I live and work in the Stara Planina mountain base but at about 60 km from Sofia, great for people who love to walk in the mountains

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I walk in the mountains :)


"Oscar" is no guarantee of a good movie, especially in the last 15 years or more. More like my alternative, low-cost and documentary cinema.
Music books and am a good pig, listen and read everything

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Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania, Greece, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Serbia

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BalkanMafia ;)


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yes, i can host
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And then that creates simplicity in CS, I decided to update my profile here. There have been host to more than 100 people, but according to the current state of 86 :)

Other information for guests:

I live in the Balkan Mountains at 1400 m altitude, I live alone. dogs but I do not live in the house I live European route E3, I have free time, go to bed late, guests receive at any time for no more than 30 days, almost always own bed.I prefer to entertain during the week on - I am free. Making sex and masturbation in my house no problem, but please nevertheless comply
The house is located about 6-7 km from the town and is accessed by dirt road / not very good / or marked trail
Note that I am out of settlements and the nearest shops are 6 km. Also, sometimes I can not meet you in the village, you will need to get yourself to my home.

House Rules:
No drugs.

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